Monday, December 04, 2006

Light the lamps

Yippee...its Kartigai again! One of my fav festival in Hindu calendar. As a child (which was not very long ago..ahem), I always fancy this row of earthen lamps. My former home was an isolated one - surrounded only by dozens of oil palm trees and the nearest house was about 400m away. Kartigai provided an excuse for us (or is it me) to 'bring out' my home from the darkness. Excitement of arranging the lamps and lighting it still fresh in my mind. Those were beautiful days when I make it a point to rush to the temple to help out lighting the lamps there after completing my chores at home. Yea..those were the days.

Celebrating Kartigai with my brand new Casio EX-Z60. Nothing huge, just nice for my amateur use and small budget :P

P/s: I know I'm being mean and not visiting any blogs. I've just entered a new phase in my life (no.. I'm not married) and need some time to settle down here. So, please bear with my irregularities.


Nirek said...

Happy Karthigai! When is this function - exact date? Karthigai reminda me of those diyas and Pori urandai! Low profile function in Tamilnadu, yet interesting!

Keshi said...

heyy Ammu hows u? I miss u.

My mum is doing all that stuff..lights, food and praying etc.



visithra said...

oohh new cam - yaysssss - no prob gal u take care we understand ;)

nice memories ;)

priya said...

Just lighted 1 samll lamp for the occasion and can't do too much here. Take care.

Anonymous said...

hmm..i guess i'm like pretty much the tube light.. didn't know it was a festival until I saw ppl lighting lamps outside their houses..ooppss

tulipspeaks said...

@ nirek

it was on 4th dec. ah.. low profile ah? thats shocks me.. i thought it must be one of the widely celebrated festival.

@ keshi

:) i miss u too. im doing great. this is a pleasant env. im comfortable here.


tulipspeaks said...

@ visithra

:) cam..

and yea, those were beautiful days...enna senjalum thirumbi varathe.. *sigghh but guess thats wht make it special

@ priya

most importantly u observed the day. athaane mukiyam.

@ praveen

:O tube lighttttttttttt!! kekekeke