Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A string of events

11th Dec
Mom's birthday
She is 52 this year and refused to cut cake *sigghhh.. I put up a birthday post for her last year. You can read it HERE.

Thats mom and sis in the pic. Taken after a dinner party.

Sultan Selangor's birthday, literally meaning a public holiday
Being a proud resident of the state of Selangor for 26 years, can't help but to praise the Sultan of Selangor. At some instances, we might and have felt neglected. I would be telling you why in future posts. But generally, despite bad publicity surrounding royalties, current Sultan of Selangor seems to be a person who really cares for the people of Selangor. I guess he make public announcements more than the King himself! He steps in whenever any controversy arise. Even restricted the state-award to maintain the integrity of the titles. A squatter-free and the richest state, Selangor provides rice bowl to thousands of people of other states as well. Proud of my birth soil!

Thats me receiving my degree from Sultan Selangor, Chancellor of UPM 3 years ago.

Its Prady's sister's wedding day. Being held in Mangalore, its impossible for me to attend. Nevertheless my best wishes to the new couple. :) Prady owes me aloooooooooooot of snaps.

Friend's gathering
A small get-together at the TGI Fridays last night was fun indeed. Besides the delicious menu, we had hunks as waiters as well. Come to eat & stay for fun - thats their tag line and I think it can't be better :P

12th Dec

Superstar Rajini's birthday..phhewwit!
He is 57. So what? He is still Tamil's superstar!

14th Dec
My lovely sister's birthday
Must I elaborate more? Her previous birthday dedication was HERE - A must read.

16th Dec
Going to a place far away* still on discussion


Anonymous said...

so many birthday wishes on same post! do convey my birthday wishes to ur mom and sis!

visithra said...

the family took over dec ke? ;p send my bday wishes to ur sis n mom

Keshi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AMMU'S AMMA! She looks so beautiful!

Ammu why dun u comment again..I think ur previous comment must have got lost cos I didnt see it :(


PRADEEP K. said...

Many happy returns to your mom.
Thanx a bunch for ur wishes for my sister. ill convey them to her.

Anonymous said...

hepi burfday to them..aha I didn't know today was rajini's bday..I'll not call sugain today, otherwise he'll buy purposely bugging me abt it to annoy me..lolz

priya said...

Thaz was so sweet and saggis are just great-)))

Keshi said...

btw Rajni Kanth's fight movements amaze Newton too LOL!

hey I wanted to ask u Ammu...does Rajni Kanth have a son who acts in Tamil movies? Cos the other day I was watching a good movie (a low budget one) and the guy who came in it looked sooo much like Rajni Kanth but much younger.


tulipspeaks said...

@ nirek

a compact post! :P

@ visithra

kekeke.. looks like tat. we have 3 birthdays in Dec. Thanks for the wishes dear.


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

;) my mom la.. athaan beautiful

Rajini doesn't have son. only 2 beautiful daughters. but we have alot of new comers trying to be another rajini.

btwn, i think its vijayakanth who would steal the thunder from ranji when it comes to stunts! hahahaha..

@ prady

hey prady.. thanks porathe. must bring me pics! okie?


tulipspeaks said...

@ praveen

kekeke.. rajini fan ellame ippadi thaane.

@ priya

;;) thanks dear.


smiley said...

if u had 25 candles instead of 52 maybe ur mom would have cut her birthday cake :) belated happy birthday wishes for ur mom :)

Ghost Particle said...

appy bday to mom and sis. hemm...i hate rajini but TGI friday is divine. Sultan of Selangor is fast becoming my favourite sultan nowadays along with The Perak Sultan and my state Sultan.

Jeevan said...

My belated Birthday wishes to ur mom. I too have wished ur mom and sister last years here:) Many more happy returns for Anitha! The award from Sultan Selangor looks very great dear.

tulipspeaks said...

@ smiley

lolz. thats rite. may be i can do tat for her next bday!

@ gp

OMG! u hate rajini ah? ish ish.. why la? but i agree with u abt Sultan S'gor.

@ jeevan

thanks dear. yea, i know u wished them last year also.