Friday, December 08, 2006

when religion matters...

You were born a Christian..lived as a Christian...fell in love with a Muslim and converted to Islam..Fell out of love..return to christianity..and you die..your family is grieving...going to claim you from morgue..a bunch of Muslim officials came along..claiming that you are a some papers..wanna take you away..your wife says no..she is going to the court..she wants know she has all the rights..and you know you messed up a little when you were alive, but some what rectified it..but now what? you couldn't defend yourself..lying there cold and motionless in the morgue..while your loved ones fought for your dead body.. and eventually won after a week of battle.

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This is one of the most famous issues in Malaysia in recent times - the issue of Muslim converts. While I believe such incidences been in existance since a very long time, the tussle between late Moorty's family and Muslim authority which made it public. Personally, I'm not a fanatic, and i have many Muslims friends. But I do feel that the authorities be more careful when dealing with converts. Both Moorthy's and Rayappan's issue raised many questions:

1. Why would a person let to convert his religion without informing his family?
Although the consititution reserves everyone's religious rights, their decision to convert would affect the family and as such, it should be made known to their immediate family members.

2. Does one's intention to convert is made basely on his intention to marry a Muslim, or made based on his/her love for the new religion?

3. If one is not genuine in his intention, why would the authority allow him/her to convert? Is it just to for the numbers? Is he/she just being a statistics here?

4. Lets say the person converted but do not follow any principles of Islam - consumed non-halal food, didn't fast during Ramadan, consumed alcohols, never paid zakat and never even prayed in his/her life, and eventually passed away. How would the authority justify their decision to bury him/her with other Muslims who have fullfilled their responsibility as a Muslim throughout their life? Doesn't that mean a betrayal to others in the faith?

Will they be bold enough to answer the above questions before claiming another dead body? I wonder.


Keshi said...

**lying there cold and motionless in the morgue..while your loved ones fought for your dead body

Thats a very sad situation Ammu. When we r born we r not born with Religion stamped on our foreheads. And when we die, it's the same. Life and Death is religion-blind. But it's ppl who impose all sorts of rubbish on Life n Death.

But if u r someone who follows a certain religion, I say it's best to write a Will b4 u die. One that says who/what/how ur funeral should be handled with. That solves all feuds.

** If one is not genuine in his intention, why would the authority allow him/her to convert? Is it just to for the numbers? Is he/she just being a statistics here?

Spot on! In that very question lies the answer. Religion shoiuld not be an obligation. It should be a way of living.

And to those ppl who insist on claiming his body just cos he was a Muslim in the stats, they should be buried first. Idiots I'd day.


Anonymous said...

sad...this whole thing is way to sad!:(

**think m leavin a comment for the first time? not my first visit to ur blog tho:)**

u know...i'm a hindu married to a christian...fell in luv and all that...but there was never a compulsion to chnge my religion or his! luv...shudn't make any such demands...and the focus should be in living a good life together irrespective of which religion we choose to follow...

well, thats my take...a very personal one i know...i wld avoid making general comments...religion is always such a sensitive topic...

I just know that God and our Belief in HIM/HER should be personal...and not imposed on anyone...

Nirek said...

sad to see such things happening in the name of religion. Religion , by all means, are created in the world to organize people in social groups, so that they could help each other. But it got metamorphed into various forms by hardcore fanatics, now religion is just pain in a$#

Anonymous said...

We are never born with a religion
We inherit it from our family But then noone decides what religion you go for
It isnt neccessary that you are a christian and you should practise the same
Everyone has their own beliefs and they should work according to it, and not do something forcefully
Love is blind no it doesnt see any religion
People for making their presence made religion a top most priority and it being a reason of major fueds

Ash said...

Indeed the whole thing is so sad!

When do people learn to live and let live :-)

Jeevan said...

The government and religious experts should find a good solution for the incidents like when a person faces in his last time in the world. I go with keshi’s comment it was one of best solution.

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

i think our loved ones should be given priority above anything/anyone else on the event of our death. not even the religious authorites. ignorance has its price to pay n a tussle of this sort is often wht happens when a convert dies. sad indeed.

Religion shoiuld not be an obligation. It should be a way of living.
yea. but religion been the reason for many of the wars and tragedies around the world. why? coz of some idiots mis-used/manipulated the religions which meant to lead our life.

@ ishita

welcome to tulipspeaks. thats a good example u have there. im really proud of u. i do know ppl who lived their lives like u do. so, being tolerate is nt an impossible task after all.


tulipspeaks said...

@ nirek

sad indeed. but i think religion is not to be blamed. the blame should be put on those who r manipulating it.

@ vipul

yea. no one decides it for u. as religion is one's rights. but once u 've decided to forgo the religion which u inherited, isn't it fair to inform ur family? or when u decides to come back to ur religion, is it still fair for some ppl who never known u to fight for ur dead body on ur event of death? i dont think so.


tulipspeaks said...

@ ash

When do people learn to live and let live
long way to go, i guess.

@ jeevan

i hope sumthing like that will happen soon. as for now, even a simple human error in keying in ur personal data in gov database may lead to fued as such.


Ghost Particle said...

bold questions...but where are the answers? i asked this many times before...still its blur u know. People just hate people. simple as that. It has nothing to do with religion, its just their shield.