Thursday, January 18, 2007

10 things that annoys me the most

There are couple of things both in the Internet and real world which annoys me nowadays. At first I try to put up with it. Now I realise that I can't take it anymore. Now, don't get angry with me if I shout at you for these:

1. Empty compliments
Hey sweetheart, you look so hot in that pic. you look like an angel u know, disturbing my sleep nowdays.. blah blah blah

Yucksss!! If you guys thinks that gonna win me over, you better go for special classes. Its really sucks! And I'm definitely not your sweetheart!

2. Probing question on my nationality/citizenship
Are you really a Malaysian? But you don't look like one? When are you coming back here? This is suppose to be your country! Don't you have any relatives here?

Duh!! I'm gonna explain this for the last time. I'm a Malaysian - a proud Malaysian. Born and grew up in a lovely place called Malaysia. My ancestors are from another country but they migrated here 100 years back! Yes, I want to go back to the place where any ancestors came from but ONLY as a tourist.

3. I love you
"I love you"

Now, don't get me wrong. Signing off an e-mail or ending a comment/chat session with "love ya, muuuaxxx" is totally different from irritating me with what they call 'the magic words' all the time. Only say it when you mean it & mean it only when you really feel it in your heart.

4. Friendster adds without a single line of introduction

No introduction, no smile, no nothing. And all I get is an add request in Friendster asking me to accept total strangers as friends. I mean, we even smile and say hi to ppl we bump into in the morning. Is it so hard to say "Hi, How are you doing there? May I add you in my friend's list?"??? Everytime I got a request, I'll ask politely for their introduction. Guess what? Only 4 out of 10 would response to that and care to intro themselves! Pathetic!!! Surely they don't understand what is making friends is all about.

5. Flirting msg through friendster/email/yahoo groups/sms etc
"Hi there. Saw your profile. Impressive. How about meeting up tonite?" "Hey, saw your response to that issue. Can I have your number?"

Dude...listen, my friendster acc is not for flirting purpose. When I response to a post in forums, it means I'm responding only to that issue and not for you to barge in and harass me for my number. And my phone is meant for my personal and private use. Certainly not a medium for you to flirt with me. If you are so desperate, I suggest you to seek for companionship elsewhere.

6. Expecting me to shower everyone with attention all the time
"I'm here for few mins now and you never notice" "Hey, how come you never reply to the sms I send 1/2 hour ago?"

Alrite, I have a life now. and its a busy life. So what if I couldn't reply you? So what if i didn't notice you coming online? Certainly it was not done on purpose. Please understand that I have work to do here. And no, I am not using my webcam anymore.

7. The question on my marital status
"Are you single? or when are you getting married?"

Does it matter to you? When I am getting married, I'll announce it to the world okie? So, let me in peace till then.

8. Being mad at me simply because you are mad at someone else

Do I look like a punching bag now?

9. The question on my marriage
"So, u r getting married huh? is he a good man?"

No, he is a criminal who was in the prison for 12 years. Happy?

10. Forward mails/sms
".................. Pass this msg around to at least 10 of your friends within the next 10 mins. If not you'll never find true love"

Yea rite! First & foremost, you are wasting your energy (e-mails) and money (sms) by forwarding msg to me. I never read them. It goes to the trash right away.


Keshi said...

I agree Ammu...there r some fake ppl with fake msgs on the internet...just iggy em...not all r like that tho. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

How have ya been? I'll email u soon. Im sooooooo busy at work, no time for anything!


@nith@ said...

i strongly agreee with all ur points...
especially the one abt our nationality..i'm just too tired of the question!!...and i have standard reply to all of them who raise this question
"Im a MALAYSIAN, born n raised here"

to all ppl...i noe my sister the best..and believe me she is really annoyed with all these 10 things

the empty compliments...annoys her to the max

so, better stop doing the 10 things...or u might experience the angry ammu
believe me, u wont like it if she gets angry

Anonymous said...

lol Amu!!

Anonymous said...

And Oh I forgot, I love you sayang!! ROTFL!!

Anonymous said...

semma kovama irukenga?!
I can see visualise ginger-eaten-monkey-type-faces of those guys who asks these questions to you and got back nicely from you :)

~ v I v E k ~ said...

lolz.. a criminal of 12 years old..that was funny!:) happy ponggal..come to UPM's Danau Ponggal on the 20th and visit my college's booth..cheers...

p/s: no muaxx and hugs since u dun wan it..hehe..lolz

PRADEEP K. said...

Feels great to have got it out of your system, does it not? :)


visithra said...

Hehehe ive been there before - now i just stay off those yahoo groups forums enster chats n all got sick of silly ppl

i also do not like ppl asking me questions as if ive voluntered to be the faq for msia - simple qs also nvm this questions range between can u tell me is company xyz good to whats the price of rent in said place -

at least if its someone i know or whose a blog friend id find the info for them - its normally total strangers who only think ure an information pool

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

hey sweetie..

well, i agree with u. not all like that. this msg is special for those who are like that. kekeke.. so many of them la. sumtimes i do get scared of these ppl. hiding behind a mask called frenship and talking crap.

@ anitha

lolz. sumone started to blog again edi huh? okie.. we'll see for how long.. ;)


tulipspeaks said...

@ javitz

enna adi venuma? :P

@ nirek

lol. ama. manasule ulathellam kottiten.

@ vivek

aha.. blog le ye invite ah? okie okie. no promises. if i hv no other prog, i'll b there


tulipspeaks said...

@ prady

:)) once a while...

@ visithra

i have since stopped taking part in any forums. stick to blogspot & friendster.

lolz. i even had ppl asking me to look out for a job for them here. i mean.. i was jobless myself at that point.

well.. i dont mind helping out those i really know in Net. but total strangers irritating me with such ques? unforgivable!



priya said...

Ammu: Sema punch ma. Ore kalakal dhan ponga.

When people are curious and have nothing to do, things pop out what not to ask. Just give a smile and hard look, they will learn.

priya said...
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Arz000n said...
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Anonymous said...

yup!! there are such jobless disgusting ppl out there. for most part, just ignore them rather than being affected by them!!!

take care

Jeevan said...

Your answers are opened (velipadaiyanathy). This post gives way to know some about you; I agree and proud about your nationality & citizenship!

Glad to know u had a best pongal:)

Anonymous said...

darnnnnnn how i hate such msgs and emails!
Why do we have to answer them
ignore them!!

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear!!! I super hate the last one too!!! I didn't sent back most of the mails that i receive and i didn't die or anything so there!!!


tulipspeaks said...

@ priya

lolz. punch thaan. pade vendiya aal mele paduchannuthaan theriyale.


@ deepsat

well.. i've tried to ignore them so far. but u know..everything has its limit (as far as i'm concern)



tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

velipadaya pesina rombe peyarke pidikerathe illeye.. :)

@ vipul

lolz. looks like i hv many frens here! sailing on the same boat eh? :)

@ princess

u know.. some of the mails might be good. may be some nics pics/quotes. but just bcoz of the last phrase, i usually just trash it! hahahaha