Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ponggal 2007

I had real fun this ponggal. Guess this is the first time we ever celebrated ponggal actually. Morning around 7am, we cooked ponggal at home. And that was my speed cooking lesson. by 9.30 I was in UM, participating in People's Ponggal. Getting the fire to start was kinda "tough" kekekeke.. And the whole process of cooking ponggal took me 1 hour (compared to 20mins at home). The sun was shining brightly, just like today and it was a beautiful day indeed. Posting some pics of this year's ponggal.

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PRADEEP K. said...

Good to see you had fun!

Nice pics.

I didn't drool at the guest. I didn't! Honest! :p


Anonymous said...

happy pongal dear!

pongal senchinigala?! thats good to hear...

philters said...

hi there. stumbled upon your blog on PPS:)

i went to see ponggol last year at at kl temple. it is a fascinating celebration. i hope this ponggol brings happiness to you and your family:)

Anonymous said...

Ammu: Sooper kalakal ponga. I will be doing my pongal recipe today coz we celeberate mattu pongal as family tradition.

Engalukkum sethu dhaney sapteenga.

Anonymous said...

looks like pongal rocked!! anyways happy pongal..

visithra said...

Oooh looks like u had fun - will be posting my photos soon - bloggers meet when?

Err after jan me not free until mid march

that too this weekend im not free

tulipspeaks said...

@ prady


@ nirek

same to u. yea i did n it was fun. looking fwd for the next year event.


tulipspeaks said...

@ philters

thanks for the visit. glad to c another m'sian here! :)

finally sumone landed from PPS :P

@ priya

etho ore mathiri ponggal vachen. hows ur maatu ponggal celebration? :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ javitz

thanks, same to u.

@ visithra

yea. loads of fun :P blogger meet..hmm.. it depends when everyone is free. till march cannot huh.. okie okie.. after we find a date after tat la.