Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Contests off? awwww...

Update your MyCard, I'll give you a MyVi

Capture the offenders, I'll give you cash

That two articles are about some of silly 'offering' by the authorities to Malaysian public. When I heard the news that the ministry is organizing lucky draws and offering MyVi as the grand prize, I was so disappointed! No.. I'm not disappointed coz its just a MyVi. I was disappointed I have changed my IC to MyCard so early! If I had missed the deadline, and just pretend like the other 2 million dungus, I might have qualified nah? *though eventually they said evryone qualifies for the draw. lolz.. now that the Ministry is being headed by someone else (hopefully someone who knows the logic), the contest has been scrapped and the prizes are 'said' to be donated to orphanages.

And the second article is a clear-up of stupidity shown by the Road Transport Dept in organizing a contest called "Press, Send & Win". Apparently the public were encouraged to take pictures of traffic offenders and send it over to them. But won't the eagerness to get the best shot land the people in trouble? What if they fall into the drain? :P What if they hit another vehicle or worse, another pedestrian while taking photos? The Road Transport Dept failed to understand that not everyone are professional photographers and not everyone has the skill to take photos on road. So now the Transport Minister has stepped in and called off the contest. Good..

Two ministers with almost same kinda logical thinking.. but how come its happening now? Don't they know its absurd even before announcing such contests? Or it is just a tactic to show that they ARE logic thinkers after all?


Princess said...

yeah! same kinda of not so logical thinking....

Take care,


v I v E k said...

well the important thing ppl should noe is the politics in Msia is so pathetic and the governance need not be mentioned here(u can make ur own assumption). But one thing for sure, there is no logical thinking in all of these thing. Lets see how a policy is being made. It is usually mooted in the ministry and submitted to the minister so that he can get approval in the cabinet meeting( u can notice that the public opinion is never considered in the policy making in our nation although democracy principles have to allow it). Although the minister has been changed, the staffs remained the same. Beside that, the current minister was in the cabinet previously as the minister in the prime ministers dept. He could have halted this long time ago isnt it?? All is political gimmick!May GOd Bless Msia.!

v I v E k said...

oh yeah, they claimed they have been keeping the MYvi for two years in the NRD HQ in putrajaya after ppl accused them of sold off the rewards..Imagine having a car and keeping it unused for 2 years..Logic???

Jeevan said...

Here I see many photos of people misuse the traffic rules in the newspapers, but I don’t know if they get money from the newspapers. The first one was silliest.

Nirek said...

I think ur second reasoning is probable answer for your question. they just annonuce some stupidity and then try to act like smart asses!

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tulipspeaks said...

@ princess

there r quite a num of such 'thinkers' in m'sia. kekeke..

@ vivek

All is political gimmick!

athe thaan!! that sums it all.


tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

not from the papers. from the department. :)

@ nirek

kekeke.. ama. my latest post also says sumthing like that. nvr think b4 speaking! wht a syndrome! :)

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