Sunday, February 11, 2007

a dream

I had a wonderful but mysterious dream last night. Certainly I didn't expect it when I just had an argument, took some sleeping pills and cry myself to sleep.

I was sleeping when there was this bright warm light from outside my window woke me up. I'm very sensitive towards lights even when I am asleep. I walked out of my room towards the porch. To my surprise it was porch of my old house, which I was born and grew up. I stood on the wet grass and looked up. Oh my! It was the most beautiful scene I have ever seen!! The moon, stars and the buruj (zodiac signs you can see in the sky..don't know what you call in English) all in bright shining golden colour!! For a moment, I just stood there in amazement. The sky was dynamic; the buruj kept forming and forming, but before I could see it more clearly, it would move away from the scene. And all these rite on my home. I could not see anything like this elsewhere. Its like having a golden sky blanketing me and my home. I quickly ran to my room, took my cam and ran out to capture the scene. But I just couldn't do it- its like the sky is not allowing me to capture it! Sigghh...then I give up taking pictures and just sit down on the grass and continue to watch the sky. All of the sudden, the sky went dark - pitch black as if someone has just switched off everything. :( I waited for a while, and all I could see was few stars looking dim. Disappointed, I went to bed. The minute I lay down, I woke up (in real).

I think it occurred early morning, coz I woke up and found it was around 6am.Tried to put everything I still remember into a drawing. I don't know if the wallpaper below looks neat but it came from my memory. I don't know what the dream means (if it has any meaning), but it has left great impact on me..

Download it: 1024*768 | 800*600


Princess said...

Cute dream.
Dreaming of the night sky feels like heaven.

I do daydreaming while gazing at the sky. :)

U need not try hard to be happy. It happens. Somedays you really feel the happiness and sometimes not. You can find yourself more happy soon dear.

much luv,

Nirek said...

nice dream. Its good omen probably! :) Hope so

Seema said...

heyy that night sky is actually mesmerizing...
sky so unconditional n the stars shine no matter what...
Beautiful what if it was a dream!

vinay said...

oopsy!!!!how about reading sigmund freud!!intrepretation of dreams!!maybe that will help!!

Keshi said...

Ammu u take sleeping pills? WHY? Dun get used to it like that.

btw that seems like a good dream to me. Anything to do with a light indicates knowledge, bliss perhaps?


Jeevan said...

Beautiful dream! I like to dream of night wonders on the sky. Nice wallpaper, it seems like the one i saw in Planetarium.

tulipspeaks said...

@ princess

i wish to find happiness soon. just that im a lil confused about the path i should take.

@ nirek

hope so ;)


tulipspeaks said...

@ seema

:) thats the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.. truly amazing

@ vinay

lol. i did. and i understood nothing. any experts can explain it to me?

btwn, welcome to TS.


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

hmm.. i always do that. espl when i'm having this terrible headache. i cant sleep n i cant do anything else. so have to resort to sleeping pills. bad.. i know :S

a bliss.. i hope ;)

@ jeevan

kekekeke.. thanks.