Tuesday, February 27, 2007

songs i love

Sometimes there are some songs which you rarely listen to. But when you do, you are mesmerized to the point of losing yourself in it. Sharing two songs from the same Tamil movie 'Kanda naal muthal' which kinda 'old' but never fails to entertain me everytime I listen to it.

Its still beginning of the week, but should that be a reason for you not to unwind?


Jeevan said...

These both are really beautiful songs and the music is adorable!!

Nirek said...

first song ennodu fav songuum than. Second song ketathu illay! btw radhomohan-prakash raj next movie 'mozhi' is getting good reviews here!

priya said...

Ammu: I remember watching this movie twice and it was beautiful. Just loved every part of it, may be coz of friendship:)

Arz000n said...

That gal in the second video looks kinda kewl to me ;)
Am sure the song is gonna a good one too :)

tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

yea. and laila is so pretty in it! ;)

@ nirek

nvr heard the 2nd one? ish ish..

mozhi is being promoted here too. Jo seems to have pretty good character in it. a must watch they say.


tulipspeaks said...

@ priya

i watched it once. half way. wht happened in the end huh? :S

@ z000n

its the same gal in both video. ;)
check the 1st one too.


Keshi said...

I saw that movie...and nice songs sweetie :) HUGGGGGGGGGZ n I luv u too!

How have u been?


priya said...


The cricketer will marry a differnt girl.
Laila will come for the marriage of the cricketer and meet syam. Finally she will reveal her love for him and they wil join together.

Mathabadi romba flash back of colelge attakasam dhan.

Seema said...

Melodioussss it is Ammmuuu...loved the songs !!

Babes unwinding is a welcome netime...n the easiest way is to it MUSIC !!! never fails !!!

I am still hearing em!!!! Thanks for this treat !

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

im coping okie. but its like sumthing nt right sumwhr. badly need sumone to chill out with! :| as for now,these songs r giving me company.


tulipspeaks said...

@ priya

but thats the story of ullam ketkume rite?

@ seema

yea. both r beautiful songs! wonderful lyrics as well.



Queenie said...

Really liked the music, sexy yet not!!!.
Romantic, not sickly.
Yes a hit with me.......
Have a cool weekend.