Sunday, March 04, 2007


I love books! oh no.. I'm crazy about them! not particularly the lovely dovely novels gals love to read over a cup of hot coffee. my fav also includes non-fictions. Now that I'm trying to learn Photoshop, I've been borrowing considerable number of related titles from the library. And some statistical books as well. oh yea, forget to mention medical books! just wanna maximize my stay in this university. hahahaha..

Talking about library, its heaven on earth for me. the smell of books - old and new. the quiet atmosphere. the clean tables. I just love everything and anything about libraries. I was a librarian when i was still schooling - only to be close to the books! selfish eh? :P I was used to be crazier (compared to now) when I was in school. I basically read everything readable. I don't have any fav authors or titles. I remember reading dictionaries - page by page. There have been instances when I sat at the bus stop for hours just to finish the book I just borrowed. and yes, I came home very very late that day. can still remember my mom's grumbles.

Old habits die hard nah? I'm still crazy about books, if not more crazy. I don't how many people have a copy of Federal Constitution, but I have one which now looks in a deplorable condition ;) I make it a point to wander around in my fav bookstore in a shopping mall here, whenever i can. Book rental stores, second hand bookshops, exhibitions (small or huge) and libraries also sometimes become my second home.

I will have my very own library one day. A huge one of course.

So what your fascination is about?


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


Am the first one on someone's blog after a long time ;p

Gosh how can u love books so much .. and esp the library atmosphere ... the moment i enter my lib .. i start feeling suffocated .. coz i just CAN'T sit quiet for more than 5 mins :O . And then me and my friend we start whispering which soon becomes talking .. and then one of staff members comes to quieten us! lol .. seriously it happens EVERYTIME we're there ! ;p

My fascination .. errm difficult to think about one right now

But I wish u all the very best to own a library of urs soon! And I'm hoping to get a free membership for tht ;p And even free international delivery ;p

Ramya said...

Honestly, reading with the intention of learning something is so interesting over reading for timepass!
My fascination, well, I'd love to write a book of poems one day! :D :D

Fleiger said...

I prefer the term "philophile" to "bookworm" ;)

I too love books, and can even read the pieces of paper which are used to pack groceries. Though my favourites lie firmly in fiction domain.

No favourite author or book? I find that hard to think of... If you have more than one, can we have a list of reviews?

priya said...

Aha we shud learn photoshop together girl:)

Awesome and I have started reading books too these days. I shud thank my friend who motivate me to read books.

Arz000n said...

Talk about books and I remember when I get bored in office, writing thing I do is, log into AMAZON and there you go....lotsa options to browse books and order it onlnie in 2 mins :D

Only I know how many books are piled up on ma bed...along with ma lappy and speakers...hehehe

Am crazy for books too...if not the paperback, I read the soft copies :P

Pinch..pinch am000nie :P

Arz000n said...

Adobe PS2 rocks!!!

Pecos Blue said...

Books books I totaly love reading....great pics dd you take them?

Keshi said...

u know Ammu...I came here after reading ur comment in my latest post. EMAIL ME.


Seema said...

True babes...books go a long way...they are beside u unconditionally can spend time with em and they are a great company !

Jeevan said...

Reading is really a very good habit. In my school days its very hard for my mom to make me read books, but today my favorite habit is reading books, papers and what every improves our knowledge.

My advance wishes for ur library. read more, achieve more:)

Michelle said...

a good book over a cup of coffee(not necessarily a romantic novel) lol in fact even i love other stuff but m more of a fiction, suspense fan and also, how could i forget-music!

uttara said...

oh my my.. bookoholic,...


i aint a beeeeeeeeeg fan .. yukki hate them

tulipspeaks said...

@ loon gal

:)) thats rite! been long eh? hugsss...

lolz.. i dont know. i just love them! kekeke.. looks like u r really hyperactive, gal.

yea, thanks for the wishes.

@ ramya

yay!! sumone who shares my love!! hugssss!!!

all the best for the book u wish to write.


tulipspeaks said...

@ fleiger

oo.. reviews.. well, i do write reviews once in a while, when i come accross books i really enjoyed. reading a non-fiction at the moment. may be will share one or two post on it soon.

@ priya

ah.. learning PS also eh?? i'm still in the beginner stage though. learning via wallpapers actually :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ z000n

kekeke.. u got everything else expt for a chick on ur bed huh? rofl!!!!

@ pecos blue

nah.. not such a pro.


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

hugsss.. dont worry okie? muuuaxxxx!

@ seema

truly said! hugsss

@ jeevan

unmai thaan jeevan. im reading everything ..hmm.. readable! :P



tulipspeaks said...

@ michelle

fiction n suspense? wow! and yea music, how can i deny that? :)

@ uttsy

kekeke.. come on.. they r not that bad u know? :P