Thursday, March 08, 2007

celebrating women

Yea guys (and gals).. 8th March is International Women's Day, and what can be more 'international' than blog-o-sphere?

At times, we rant about life. At times, about boys (or is it guys :P). At times, at ridiculous rules and regulations aimed at women. At times .... just about anything.

Here I present a list of women bloggers who have made some differences in my life (in random order of course). I knew most of them from the my early days in the blogworld.

Keshi - she is my darling. need i say more about this gal from Sydney?

Michelle - a teen blogger from Pune. Pretty chick! reminds me of myself when i was (ahem) her age.

Deepa - quite a thinker. hope she will blog more often though :) missing ya dear!

Rathna (White forest) - a blogger from Bangalore. another blogger i wish to see more often here.

Visithra - fellow blogger from Malaysia. MIA at the moment but i'm sure she would bounce back soon. a avid photographer. and i just love her bindis.

Uttsy - an optimistic. never met someone as positive minded as her.

She shines
- by right, this gal should not be in the list.. lolz.. my lil sis.

Praveen - another Malaysian blogger whom later i found out to be from my uni. and we never have met before in real before landing in each other's blog here. ironic eh? :)

Loon gal
- a really really pretty chick from London! :P

Priya - someone still new to me but i can sense that this gal is another strong-willed and sensible person. well.. she makes sense most of the time.

Princess Aiz - i just love her poems.. don't you?

- just like Priya, I'm still getting to know her. and just like Princess Aiz, she just too good in writing poems!

And this song is dedicated to all beautiful gals out there! Yea.. you gals are beautiful!


Seema said...


Sweetheart you made my day...its so nice to see a mention on this lovely petal of the TULIP !!!

We'll surely get to know each other along the way n it will just get better !!! are a lovely person n we all sail in the same boat sweets..our share of depressions, expectations thrashed, lonliness, dreams n all of it are just shades of this long are not alone my wonderful gal !!!

Cheers to womanhood !!!

Keshi said...

Happy Womens' Day to u too hun!

awwww how sweet of ya. This is such a special post mentioning all the blog women u love. WE LOVE U TOO!

And to be honest I think ur one of the rare women in Blogville who always gives a voice to various Womens' issues out there in the world. Ur posts r always informative and challenging. Good on ya Ammu!


KK said...

Happy Woman's day!! :D

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you around :)

Jeevan said...

Happy Women's day dear:)

priya said...

Tulip: So sweet of you girl and this dedication you made is just awesome.
I think you are very soft, sensitive and caring person and all you need is a little energy to keep igniting how strong you are.

Wish you too a happy women's day ammu:)

Michelle said...

awww...thats very sweet! N its really cool tht i remind u of wen u were my age! Ur all what women power is about!


Princess said...


HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY [belated though]
I was trying to send a message from ur chatbox. I don't what was the problem, I could'nt send the reply soon.
I am happy that you liked my piece of writing also :)

much luv,

Arz000n said...

Happy internatioanl wimmens day to all you beautiful ladies :)

Keshi said...

wheres u milady?


Suryan said...

i didnt even know that you people had a special day

praveen said...

hey babe...thx for highlighting me over there... i've just updated my blog btw

Seema said...

Hope all's well with are being missed gal !

anup.777 said...

from ur list, I know only Keshi, Michelle, Rathna and Loony ... and they are really gr8 bloggers too!

u hv a gr8 week ahead Amu, celebrating every day!

tulipspeaks said...

@ seema

hugsss dear! im back now.

aawww.. now u r the making me to feel special. hugsss.

yea.. hope to know u better as we go along!


@ keshi

hugsssssssss!!!! i'm back here now. blushing already. ahahaha... well, i write what my inner thoughts are saying. avalavu thaan.


tulipspeaks said...

@ kk

thanks. yea sure buddy!

@ jeevan

thanks dear.


tulipspeaks said...

@ priya

sweet! thanks.

@ michelle

lol. i was definitely not a blogger or even sumone IT savvy when I was ur age. pretty ignorant as far as Net is concern but i was playful.. just like you.



tulipspeaks said...

@ princess

every is our day nah! kekekeke... being a lil selfish here.

of coz i like ur writing. enna sathegam? ;)

@ z000nie

hahaha.. thanks dear. looks like ur frozen again. 4 mnths is a long time..gonna miss u honey.


tulipspeaks said...

@ suryan

kekeke.. we do dear. thanks for the visit.

@ praveen

hey babe! sure no prob. aha.. update vanthuducha.. okie okie.. will be checking it in a while.


tulipspeaks said...

@ anup

hey darl!! hugsss!! kekeke.. try to get to know the rest, they r pretty chicks too! hahahaha.. i suppose to say good bloggers. :P