Thursday, March 01, 2007

what he was to you?

To the world, he was a soldier
To me, he was the world.

-Colin Smith, 1981


DDDzStmpn said...

wow.....this is exactly how I am feeling presently about my son who is currently in the Army. Can you tell me about Colin Smith & why he said this?


priya said...

Ammu: Whne youa dmire someone, he/she can your entire world, but to others he/she is just the same person as they are.

Keshi said...

often we r all just another person to the world. But to someone out there, we maybe the whole world. thats a nice one Ammu.


Keshi said...

its like how my dad was just another Police officer to the world. But to me, he was my world and now he's no more.


Jeevan said...

Nice Quote!

v I v E k said...

nice quote:) good day!

Shiva said...

Thats a wonderful choice

Seema said...

So True...Holds true for each relationship close to our heart!!!
Beautiful quote!

anup.777 said...

Hi Amu,

thats a great quote ... and it holds true to all our dear ones ... the ones that matter to us are not defined by what they do ... we see them in completely diff light ...

Keshi, ... HUGGs dear buddy ...

U hv a good weekend, Amu ... :)

Princess said...

I would say...

"For the world you may be no one;
But for someone you may be the whole world."

nice naa...

much luv,

tulipspeaks said...

@ ddzstmpn

welcome to TS.

i was reading a book which quoted Colin Smith. As Im unable to get hold of the actual book, my assumption is it has sumthing to do with emotion n depression (with ref with the book i was reading)

@ priya

thats my exact point dear. :)))


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

hugssssssss dear!!

i'm still searching for the 'sumone'. yet to find though. :*(

@ jeevan

the real credit goes to Colin Smith.


tulipspeaks said...

@ vivek

thanks. same to u.

@ shiva

thanks. :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ seema

thats rite. sumone out there means the world to me. dono if i can say the same thing about how the person thinks though. sad state :|


tulipspeaks said...

@ anup

welcome back dear! been missing ya alot!

my weekend is pretty boring (as always). how about urs??


@ princess

:) good one. hugsss