Friday, April 20, 2007

Nostalgic Friday - 4

Saturday, 21st April 2007 will mark my second year in the blogworld. The first post (read on your own risk :P), like I always say was posted out of frustration. No substance. No humour. No nothing. May be that's why I called it ==my diary== back in 2005. Now this is no longer a diary, and what is written here no longer ranting without substance. I was wandering around in the blogworld without knowing what to do, now I have every reason to stay for even longer. I met so many friends here - some have since left and some still staying with me. But everyone has a story to tell. I have learnt a lesson or two from you guys. and most important of all, I found back something I thought I have lost forever - my smile.

Thank you all for staying put with tulipspeaks. muuuaxxx to all!

P/S: my mic was not behaving. otherwise, this should have been posted as an audio. *sigghhh...


This is my all-time favourite though usually I'll try my best to avoid the movie - can't help but to shed a tear or two watching it, espl the final scenes. The last song penned by Kannadasan and certainly tops my list of best songs in the lifetime.

Movie: Moondram Pirai
Song: Kanne Kalaimaane


cindy said...

Happy 2nd year anniversary, TulipSpeaks! :D Yay!!!

tulipspeaks said...

@ cindy

thanks sweetheart!

have a wonderful weekend.


Keshi said...

Happy 2nd Ammu HUGGGGGGGGZ!

that song is one of my fav Tamil songs too! Loved the movie and I can watch it any number of times w.o. getting sick of it.


visithra said...

happy 2nd bday darling ;)

ps : tom me not free nor sun - we meet another day or weekday? - email me ;)

Sree's Views said...

Hello Ammu..
Congrats on entering the third year of bloggings..
I am sure with ur sweet nature..its impossible for anyone not to make friends with you.
Hey neenga en blog la potta commentukku naan potta reply padicheengala ? padinga paa..ungalukaaga potadhu :)
see you ammus and have a great week end :)

david santos said...

Very good, Tulips!
Have a good weekend

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

thanks sweetheart. i know how great the movie is. but i just can't help myself to cry. i hate to cry watching movies. :P

@ visithra

thanks dear.

okie okie. innoru naal meet pannuvom.


tulipspeaks said...

@ sree

aha. ippo thaan 2nd yr. but looking fwd my 3rd yr of blogging already :P

awww.. thanks for the compliments. and yes, i just read ur reply. asathal!

enjoy the weekend!


tulipspeaks said...

@ david



Jeevan said...

Congrats dear:) past years was very nice reading your blog and wish to have more such wonderful times here in further years. I too like that sweet song.

priya said...

Congrats to you girl and keep rocking more:)) A beautiful song you can listen any time indeed.

tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

thanks jeevan. hope to c ya around for many more years to come!

have a wonderful weekend.


tulipspeaks said...

@ priya

thanks dear.


Princess said...

hi ammu,

how r u?
lovely song :)
I too don't like sad endings....
Already we are with lots of tension and why to see films with sad ending to make the mood even worse? similarly these stupid serials...

2 yrs of blogging gr8 achievment..

much luv,

:: The Protector :: said...


happy 2nd anniv....

looking forward to see more rantings :P in this diary :)



tulipspeaks said...

@ princess

hey girl! im doing great here. :))) how abt u?

hahaha.. we share the same thoughts here. for me, u go to a movie, enjoy urself, laugh, and come out..forget about it, hmm.. may be can gossip a bit abt the hero. period.

thanks dear.


tulipspeaks said...

@ the protector

:))) thanks! more rantings? can u withstand ANYMORE rantings from me?? hahahahaha..



Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Read ur first post .. how sweet .. original and innocent ... :)

Happy 2nd Anniv girl .. hugss!

Lisa Francisco said...

Happy 2nd!!!!!! feliz cumpleanos!!!! (happy birthday) great video and song!


tulipspeaks said...

@ loon gal

:O u took the risk???

thanks honey.


tulipspeaks said...

@ lisa

thanks dear!


mandelism said...

fuiyoooo..2 years dy :)
valthukkkall! being in my 'thinking blogger' list is my present for you kekekekke

yengge yen April's puri??

tulipspeaks said...

@ mandelism

aww.. just saw it. thanks loads! :P

April puri ah? kekekeke..


v I v E k said...

hey how u doing??sorry lama din update any blogsite..had exams..finalyy gonna have last paper tomoro..(dun ask why i still had time to come onli:p) i just can make it!!!

anyway about this song, although it seemed like it was written for the movie, however it is written by Kannadasan to depict his demise from the Tamil Literature world..If u really listened to the words, he wud have said that.

for example;
"kaadhal konde kanavinai valarthen
kanmani unai naan karuthinil ninaithen
unakke uyiraanen ennalum
enai nee maravaathe....
nee illamal edhu nimmadhi
neethan endrum en sannadhi"

this part is to depict his love towards tamil- and he have asked not to be forgotten..

lovely song..

tulipspeaks said...

@ vivek

thanks for 'stealing' some time to reply here! ;)

i think his wish has been granted. the song has since became immortal.



diyadear said...

hey tulip,
congrats ono ur 2nd anniv...
i just love this song.. i torture my hubby askin him to sing this he he..

tulipspeaks said...

@ diya

:))) thats cute!

thanks honey.