Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Friend's Wedding

My former classmate's wedding on Saturday, 19/05/07. Only photos for now, updates later. Sleepy... zzzzzzzzz.....

It was just like any other wedding ceremony, BUT for us it has special meaning - its a wedding-cum-gathering! We had similar "events" in 2005, none in 2006.. and now one in 2007! Yesterday's event was more meaningful I guess - we had more friends this time, and a lot of kutty kutty children too! They look so cute and when I see my friends with their families, I can't help it but to feel so happy for them. What a great feeling! :))))))

Sharing some photos with you guys. Take a closer look at my hairstyle :P


Jeevan said...

Happy for you dear:) very nice pics.

diyadear said...

cant help asking.. who is he??;)

pria said...

Beautiful pics and cute eyes;)

Ramya said...

Pretty lady in pink !
And yes, can't resist.. Who is he ? :p

Keshi said...

WOW someone's looking HOT in pink! Lovely hair-do girly. I like the bouncy curls.

Ur sis looks cute too..lady in red ha!


Keshi said...



Sree's Views said...

oh u look very pretty , Ammu :)
I love that color..its 'mauve' rt?
hey the curls are very pretty...but Ammu I think u shd ask ur hair dresser to change ur partition (Vagidu)...just a India its still straight hair that is in.

Nice pics :)

cindy said...

Oohhh beautiful photos! Someone's looking hawt in pink and curls! ;-)

Eh, I can't help it too.. Who's the hunky??!! :P Don't be shy lah... tell lar~~~

anits said...

Hi ammu...great hairstyle! n u luk so pretty.! tcare

visithra said...

ahem whose the guy ;p

tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

thanks ;)

@ diyadear

can we save it till the last comment? :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ pria

thanks dear!

@ ramya

:O majority is saying its pink. its mauve dear.

kekekeke.. i will tell who is he 2moro, may be as the last comment.


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi


those aren't permanent. just temporary curls to see how it suits me. i think straight hair looks better. what ya think? ;)

hahaha.. i hv to force her to wear saree. looks nice on her!

he.... hmm.. he.. hmm.. hahahahahaha


tulipspeaks said...

@ sree

awww.. nandri nandri!!

yea! you are the man - its mauve!!!! yippeee... sumone got it right.

wht u think - straight hair or curls suits me better? :P



tulipspeaks said...

@ cindy

hey sweetheart! how ya doing? hot day again? :)

kekekeke.. who is he? hmm.. i'll tell in the end. :P

@ anits

thanks dear!

@ visithra

ragasiyamai... ragasiyamai...

kekekeke.. soleren soleren!


Unknown Stranger said...

You and sister look different....
anyway the pictures are cool and i can see why u were excited before going to the wedding...
getting together with old friends and family and havinga laugh is always fun....that is the only reason i like weddings

Lisa Francisco aka AVIANA said...

HI sweetie!!!

you look so beautiful...i really, really, really want to wear a full sari....people would look at me a little odd but not as odd as if i was a white girl though....i guess that is my advantage... :)

thanks for stopping by! i will be updating on yesterday tonite or tomorrow. It was awesome!

i'm just really tired and sleepy from all the preparation and my day job and i have another show 2 weeks....

Abru said...

Nice pics.

Antha guy-ye patri Romba over-a buildup kodukkire??? something fishy here...

Keshi said...

I know the curls were done but they look so good on u..looks natural. Well straight hair is nice too but we do need a change...Im always with straightened hair LOL!

And the guy is?


Michelle said...

i love pink =) ammu's looking pretty in pink ;-) i love ur eyes :)

Sree's Views said...

Hey Ammu..
I think st hair suits u better..see the curls that were large and bouncy when u started bacame thin later and that pulls the hair on ur scalp...u shd change ur partition atleast a few mms..
U look great , Pal :)

Queenie said...

Thank you for sharing your photos I really enjoyed them.

chaitanya said...

Nice Nair Make :)

tulipspeaks said...

@ unknown stranger

welcome to TS! hv we met in the blogosphere b4 this? :S

btwn, u r abosultely right! the wedding-meet was awesome. i was walking around meeting my friends throughout the wedding! :)

@ aviana

awww.. thank u sweetie. if u really wanna wear one, why is stopping u from doing it? come on.. just do it babe! ;)

thanks for the updates on ur show. will be checking out ur bloggie for the real updates soon!


tulipspeaks said...

@ abru

nandri nandri!

ahaha.. nothing fishy, bro. its v simple actually.

@ keshi

yea. we need a change :)
i tested out the temporary curls. it looked okie. but i think i still like my straightened hair. may be i can highlight brown


tulipspeaks said...

@ michelle

awww... its mauve.. as they say mauve is jst pink trying to look purple! so, its okie to call it pink i guess :P

thanks hun!

@ sree

thats a good suggestion - changing partition...

may be like this:
straightened, side partition & brown highlights!

eppadi? okie va?

thanks sree.


tulipspeaks said...

@ queenie

thanks dear!

@ chaitanya

thanks! :)


Sree's Views said...

hey Ammu....I went for a complete 'deep plum' it :)
My bro said it looks great in the sun :)

raaja said...

nice slide... :)u looks lovely in pink sari..

tulipspeaks said...

@ sree

sounds good to me.. considering it.

@ raaja

thanks! *shy


tulipspeaks said...