Saturday, May 05, 2007

We want an apology!

Officially I am still off from the blogworld but this issue demands prompt attention. In fact I should have posted it yesterday itself - thanks to confusion I am facing, I only got to do this today. Nevertheless, I am STILL off from blogs. Just give me a little more time to come back with full force ;)

We, the United Malaysian Indian bloggers demand an apology from the Minister of MOSTI (Ministry of Science, Tech and Innovation) Jamaludin Jarjis for his racist remarks on Malaysian Indians during his visit to US recently. Below is the excerpt of the e-mail written by one Dr Sheela Moorty from California, US. It was published in MalaysiaKini, an independent online news portal.

I am a Malaysian currently living in the USA. I am supporting the education of my sister who is enrolled at CalPoly, California.

The reason I am writing this letter is to express my disgust and anger regarding comments passed by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Jamaludin Jarjis during a working visit to California recently.

He was present at a gathering organised by the Malaysian Consulate for the students to meet him. The purpose of this meeting was for them to address any concerns or queries they had. Being away from home, we all know that we love to meet our fellow-countrymen regardless of what color or creed they may be.

And being brought up in the true Malaysian way, we were thought to respect each other and look beyond the shallowness of skin color.

This was not the case with our minister. He made several derogatory remarks about Indians in general, about how they were brought in as 'buruh kasar' and at one point asked my sister about how many Indians were in her batch of students.

My sister answered him saying there were two of them. The other Indian student was fair-skinned and was actually sitting at the same table as the minister.

He did not realize that this student was also an Indian and went on saying that he must be a 'high class’ Indian and then pointed at my sister and said that she must be a ‘low class’ Indian as she was darker skinned.

I am appalled that we have people like this sitting at the helm and trying to run a multi-racial country. I urge all Malaysian to stand together and voice out against weeds like this who give our country a bad image.

I demand an apology from him and I want him to take responsibility for his words and I believe that malaysiakini is one of the venues to voice my dissatisfaction.

I am pledging for us to stay united against any racist slander against not only our community, but also against every Malaysian. We are the citizen of this country regardless what colour we might be. Never compromise on our rights and dignity, even if it involves a Cabinet Minister.

You may want to check out Mahen's Bolehland for more recent updates on this issue.

Help us to spread the words around.


Khun Pana said...

These are indeed very disturbing remarks coming from a minister.
However, most of us in Malaysia were not surprise such remarks came from politicians from the umno camp.
But, we also do not think that aab will reprimand and issue any apology at all unless the general Election is near.

Please this be a wakes up call to all Malaysians who really demands justice.
Think wisely this voting time, use your vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

I think the best thing for JJ to do is to apologize and resign as a minister!

mandelism said...

Yes! Thank you ammu for the support.
Please demand this guy to apologize!

Princess said...

I got ur mail abt this issue.
Was not sure on what to do!

But I stand for the same cause and will support it...


Shahabudeen Jalil said...

do you have the video of this ? akan mengoncang dunia politik kalau u dpt provide the video.

Mubarakh said...

The best thing for stupid politicians is resign. Go back home and tanam jagung. Unable to appreciate whom gave him his position.

Jeevan said...

My Support too!

Keshi said...

Ammu nice to see u here again.

**went on saying that he must be a 'high class’ Indian and then pointed at my sister and said that she must be a ‘low class’ Indian as she was darker skinned

thats just a disgusting thing to say. The Minister prolly has issues within him that he needs to straighten up.


Lisa Francisco said...

Wow this is disturbing. it sucks that we still live in a society that is racist.

I face racism everyday. In fact, I was just fired from a job because I am different. I can't really fight back and need to move on. But it hurts still...

Racist remarks are made alot but people in general especially those who are celebrities, politicians etc.

My question/comment is, do you really want an apology? The fact that he stated those words accidently/slip of the tongue or not shows to you that if he is capable to say those comments under those conditions, think of what he really thinks/feels/says in private.

Making him apologize won't change the fact that he is a racist motherfucker (excuse my language). All it will do is make him think before he speaks. It'll just be a mask. How he votes and runs the university or anything else will have racists undertones. It will be hidden because he will not have changed.

I don't know. It is hurtful. I live through it everyday.


Michelle said...

making such a comment makes him a very small minded and narrow minded person something that he, should soon realise is really not appreciated now.Who even thinks like that anymore? He should resign! Its people like him that give a country a bad name!

Keshi said...

hows u Ammu?

Missin ya...


tulipspeaks said...

To all,

Thanks alot for the comments. We got reports that the Minister has apologized to the student in concern:

The issue is considered close and I am gonna close the comments section after this to prevent unneccesary attack on anyone concerned.

P/S: For the first time in many many months, I actually deleted 12 comments by unresponsible ppl. *sighhh.. to anyone concerned, be courteous in your comments pls.