Wednesday, May 23, 2007

you don't have to be HOSTILE!

I have had bad days. I have encountered not only not-so-good (literally bad) people, and I have my own share of bad experiences with them. I am hurt. I am disappointed. I am heart-broken. I don't wish to see them anymore. I don't want to think about them anymore. I don't want to love anyone, or to be loved by anyone. I just hate everyone around me! what is this heck of finding your soulmate, landing a high-paid job, raising smart (read genius) kids? I just hope to be left alone - no, no I demand to be left alone.

Who is this "I"? Is it referring to me, and me alone? Or does it refers to all of us? Personally I think we all have had negative thoughts in our mind. I believe some might still have these thoughts lingering in their head. Does this means something is seriously wrong with us? I don't think so. I think its normal phase in life, and its a test put upon us by the Almighty. Whether we pass or fail the test, we will still live and that's the whole point of it - LIVE THE LIFE!

You don't have to harbour ill-feelings. You don't have to be hostile. I don't, though I know some people are not meant to be forgiven.

I have stopped wishing and hoping for anything better. Because I have started to live. How about you?


LC_Teh said...

I just live it simple...heheh

Kamigoroshi said...

I have walked into the abyss of hell and walked out a changed man. I carry with me my demons. Ones that haunt me every night. The ones that still scream in my head in every silence.

Though what keeps me sane and clinging to this reality are my hopes and dreams. True, I've learnt not to try so hard and it helps a lot. But sometimes it's the simple desire to be more than you can that keeps us in line, keeps us pushing for the better things in life.

I have bled and cried over my mistakes and sins. But they will not be in vain, as long as I keep to my reason to live, as long as I have a purpose to be alive and out there.

Known Stranger said...

i feel you are also going through rough phase of life like my mental agony and anguish. hey amu am coming to KL tommorrow and planning to stay for a quite few days till monday evening. Badly needed a change. i had no mail id to let you know and ask if we can meet for a cup of coffee. I would be happy to make a friend in KL. my first trip to KL and know none . Planning to explore the KL as i did singapore last year. my mail id : drop in a word how to contact you if you are interested to meet up and say a hi face to face.


anits said...

hi ammu..good motivating post! me goin through tough life as well ... letz c!tk care

Ghost Particle said...

ill start livin my life when the world lets me to.

Gallivanter said...

Well, it's all about taking matters into your hands and powering through, instead of wishing and hoping. :-)

Keshi said...

upfront n raw. I like this post Ammu. why beat ard the bush when u know life is abt just living it. I have stopped wishing n hoping for BETTER things too. And thats when I started LIVING.

Great msg there Ammu HUGGGGGGGZ!

mandelism said...

hahahha. itheee yenggeeeyooo link aa avere ;_)

yeah, live the life to the fullest!
life is short, lets make it shorter!

Lisa Francisco aka AVIANA said...


What happened?

I've gone through some major things and you know what i'm grateful for the abyss that i was thrown in 2 years ago. if it wasn't for that torment, i would not be here. i would not be writing to you on this blog, i would not have my own blog, i would not be singing my own songs, etc....

any advice i can give.....the life you have lived does not have to be the only life you will live.....

i realized the depressing life that i was living and believed that my life would never amount to anything...i wouldn't attain my dreams...well the horrendous torment that i was put through a couple years back made me realize that i had to stop the cycle....i was the only one really in my way.....

i hope you feel better and get inspired chicki!

thanks for stopping by!

Jeevan said...

It too going through these thoughts recently and feel its still they’re in mind… why should I expect and become fool always? And doing the same thing again and again… Lets live and see!

tulipspeaks said...

@ lc teh

welcome to TS!

most of us are.. but at times, there are incidences which makes life complicated.



tulipspeaks said...

@ kamigoroshi

welcome to TS!

your positive outlook of life simply impressed me! kudos!!!

they will not be in vain, as long as I keep to my reason to live, as long as I have a purpose to be alive and out there.

beautifully said!


tulipspeaks said...

@ known stranger

i am not going through.. i been through all that edi. i think its sumone else's mental agony at the moment :)

welcome to KL :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ anits

thanks dear! take care of urself.

@ gp

the world will let u to, when u r ready. r u ready now?


tulipspeaks said...

@ galivanter

welcome to TS!

thats very true. we got to move fwd..always! :)

@ keshi

hugsss dear! i know u would agree with me.



tulipspeaks said...

@ mandelism

hahahahaha... u know, i know.. uru makkal dono. ;)

@ aviana

nothing happened dear.. just thought of saying all this. thats all.

great advice u hv there! thanks!


tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

enna percenai? :S
hope u r doing alrite there mate!


Sree's Views said...

Hey Ammu..
If I dont like something..I just come out of it ASAP..
that seems to work out fine than prolonging the agony..
I had a fall out with a friend once..I miss her..but we cant compromise some things.

tulipspeaks said...

@ sree

how do u come out of it? i mean.. don't u get stuck in the situation? :S


Sree's Views said...

unless they are ur parents or siblings....its easy to come out of any relationship..ofcourse there wld be pain...atleast a clean break is easy to deal .
how do we come out..just avoid the person ..I mean serious avoidance.