Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bloggers Buff 2007

Ah..feel so good to be back in my office (and blogging!). I came back from my trip yesterday and it was quite refreshing. Have not edited the photos yet and probably I can get it up by Friday. So for today, let me introduce a bloggers event we are conducting right here in Kuala Lumpur!

What: Bloggers Buff 2007 is a workshop cum forum organized to gather Malaysian bloggers from different genres together to network and explore various issues and aspects of blogging. When : Sunday, 8th July 2007( 8.30am – 5.30pm) Where :Dewan Dato’ Haji Sidek, Jalan Kg Attap, K.Lumpur

Thats right! We are conducting a blogger workshop!!! Oh no! We are not going to 'teach' you how to blog.. I know you guys are pro at it ;). So what do we intend to do?

# To create a good network of Malaysian bloggers of different genres.
# To alienate fears and negative perception of blogs in mainstream print media.
# To promote blogging as a hobby and as a potential income generator.
# To promote blogging as a medium to exchange information.

Now.. its all about networking and promoting blog as vital and most happening medium of communication for today's world!

I just can't remember when we came up with this idea to conduct such ambitious project.. but the credits goes to the whole team - Mahendran, the gentleman who is chairing the commitee & commitee members; P Kamalanathan, Praveen, Puvanan and yours truly.

This is a blogging event organized by bloggers for bloggers regardless genre, gender or race, and I am counting on you guys to make it a hit!

Okie now..I know you are all geared up and wants to know more about this event. All you have to do is to visit Bloggers Buff 2007, read through our welcome post and tentative event schedule. IF you think this is for you, get yourself registered by completing the registration form. Let me emphasis here - all participants need to pre-register themselves and NO walk-in blogger will be entertained that day. Don't tell me I didn't warn you! ;)

Last but not the least, please kindly spread the word around by putting up the promo badge which was done by one of our bloggers, Saravanan in support of this event & linking it back to Bloggers Buff 2007.


mandelism said...

cunn!! come join hte most promising blogger event . hahahah

we have MalaysiaKIni and nuffnang with us!

AVIANA said...


glad ur back!


Nirek said...

yo ammu,
thats nice initiative. best wishes for its success!

Keshi said...

Malaysian Bloggers ha..COOL! U'd be the COOLEST out of the lot. :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ mandelism

athe athe! :)

@ aviana

thanks dear!


tulipspeaks said...

@ nirek

thanks dear. hope all will turn out well!

@ keshi

hahahahaha..thanks dear! muuuuuaxxx...


Kesh said...

Waaa..Blogger Workshop evolo hot ah pogethe ar..hope i also can join..