Friday, June 29, 2007

Genting Highlands & Nostalgic Friday - 10

Been a couple of days since I came back from Genting Highlands , our every own Las Vegas and only today I had the time to finish editing all the photos I took there.

We left KL Sentral around 3pm and checked in our hotel (which deemed to be the largest hotel in the world) around 5pm. Not bad for a Sunday trip I guess. Too tired to do anything else and me with gastric pain had no choice but to rest till the sun sets and then roam around the Indoor Theme Park. Eh.. and I took a peek at the casino over, its unbelievable number of people toying with numbers in there! pheewww! Tired and sicky, I went to sleep quite early after a short walk around the hotel.

Next day was THE DAY! hahahaha.. The day for us to enjoy ourselves. Too bad that it was too cold & misty. Its the Outdoor Theme Park's policy to shut down few games if it gets too misty. Anyway, we did enjoyed ourselves the whole day despite some minor glitches to the plan.

The following day, we happily packed our bags and leave to KL.

Thats the short description of my kutty trip and besides the collage up there, you may find the rest of the photos in my flickr.


Movie: Parthale Paravasam Song: Anbe sugama

One of Madhavan's songs which I really love to listen over and over again.
awww... I'm missing him already! :((((((


diyadear said...

oooh LA.. grovy gal.. hpe u had a gr8 time.. nice snaps

anits said...

hi ammu..great n lovely song! thanx for sharing..n nice snaps!

Keshi said...

MWAHHH Ammu both of u look so relaxed n happy. Great to hear u had fun.

Great pics!


Sakun said...

heya ammu! nice pictures wey..!!
ohh, and did you all go on the flying coster?? went twice, seriously, it was good! heheh...

pria said...

Ammu- For some reason I was unable to enter your site and finally did today. You look relaxed as keshi said and good for ya.

gilda said...

wow i used to travel with my family to genting highlands all the time for horse riding when i was much younger. like when i was 8-10!! seeing your post kinda brings back memories. thanks. i should really go and see it again soon.

KK said...

kewl!! I am hearing about genting quite often now a days :)

Abru said...

Hi Ammu:
I'm back to your blog after sometime...
glad to know that u r back and u njoyd the trip...

keep posting...

Nirek said...

dear ammu,
u look great in that photo! great...hope u r rocking there.

missing maddy??!! what happned to vishal??! left him in lurch

tulipspeaks said...

@ diya

hahahaha.. yes i did. thanks dear!

@ anits

thanks honey! lovely song it is.. :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

aww.. thanks dear! i got a news to be shared with ya.. will email ya soon! :)

@ sakun

welcome to TS! :) they closed flying coaster bcoz of the mist. will go bck in the year end, appo parkelam! :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ pria

i am surprised to hear that. wonder whts wrong with TS! :(
anyway im glad to hv you back here!
thanks dear.

@ gilda

hey dear. welcome to TS!
may be you should.. that place definitely has changed alot!


tulipspeaks said...

@ kk

its a cool place! may be u should pay it a visit soon..

@ abru

welcome bck to TS! will update whenever its possible buddy! :)

@ nirek

maddy used to be my fav star.. now vishal. when i watch maddy's older movies.. i tend to get nostalgic. thats all. :P



anup.777 said...

cool!!! ... am so glad u had a gr8 time, Amu ... looking gud! :)

chaitanya said...

One of the song that nailed by heart..painfully. Very nice song.. Grasp the lyrics...:)

cindy said...

Ohhhh glad you enjoyed your Genting trip! Love the photos too~~~ now you made me feel like going up to Genting again. :D

jAmEs said...

Does this movie have any subtitle or in english version ... wanted to watch this movie too... since it was hit by many

tulipspeaks said...

@ anup

thanks dear! glad to see u around too.

@ chaitanya

awww.. thats right!


tulipspeaks said...

@ cindy

hey dear. thanks! well.. genting is not too far la.. can go up there anytime! :P i'm planning to go again too.

@ james

hie there. welcome to TS! usually tamil movies do have subtitles when screened in m'sia. worse come to worse, why don't u drag an indian fren to go along with u? i'm sure many would volunteer! *winking & waving towards james