Sunday, June 24, 2007

where was I?

Training myself to be resistant to burning hot sun - seriously :P

For two weeks I was off to the rural parts of Selangor & Perak conducting a pilot study of the project I am working on. There was no access to Internet and even my phone line was gone in couple of locations! Man.. that meant I was totally cut off from my world! It was expected anyway. The two weeks stint left me sick, frustrated and sun-burned! :(

I spent few days in 3 different places - a private estate; Malay settlement; fishing island (yes its an island!). This is just the beginning of lot more scenarios I am going to see and believe me... its hell of a world out there!

First was the estate where you find Indians as the majority. The serene picture below was taken in the estate which I can't name (professional ethics ;)). Its a clean place where you find a lot of kids running around. Yes - you find kids whom you can feel in love with immediately... kids who are struggling to be a part of today's world but failing each time they are trying :(. I can't describe more about them at the moment. My hands are tied, but my mind keep thinking about these kids. You will see a different world here.

The second place we visited was a Malay settlement area. You can see the typical Malay wooden house below. Its a huge settlement with about 600 households, and each of the household has their own land! A sharp contrast from the earlier estate which we visited few days before this.

We got pretty bored in the Malay settlement and decided to take a break during lunch hour venturing to a hot spring park nearby :P The photo showing one of the man-made hot spring waterfall in the park.

The third visit was to a fishing island. Thats the worse experience we had, and thats the smelliest island you can ever find! I expected the place to be a chaos and didn't bring my digicam there. Thank goodness we were not required to stay longer in that place. Phhewwww! I will be going off again in July & Aug to similar places and this time I will stock more sun-block lotion!

I have been missing everyone tremendously. I miss visiting everyone's 'home' as well. Damn! I wish I have 30 hours a day!!! :| I am trying to be consistent in my blogging and blog-hopping here but my work schedule is conspiring against me! Hehehehehe... Anyway, on Sunday I will be off for a short trip with family and will be back on Tuesday. See you guys again next week. Have a wonderful weekend!


cindy said...

Wow, you had such an interesting adventure! Glad to see you back, Ammu. :)

Take a good rest, ok? Love the photos you shared too!

AVIANA said...

Hey Sweets!

Glad ur back! I'm jealous of the life you're leading. Keep taking pictures and keep us updated on your ongoings. thanks for stopping by!

anits said...

Welcome back ammu!tcare

Keshi said...

how nice Ammu...great pics of a beautiful place. I missed ya tho...WB!


diyadear said...

hey tulip..
so hope u enjoyed the trip to the most.. gald to have u back..

Kesh said...

Ehem mcm best je new design ni :) No wonder la no updates..going for adventure ye..

puvanan said...

thatz y lah.. konja naala aaleye kanom! but looks like u had a great time. Go and get a good rest before u get busy again..BB is around the corner! ;p

Princess said...

hi dear,

how are you?
I will mail some interesting health news, which I guess you can use it for the other blog.

Take care,

tulipspeaks said...

@ cindy

thanks honey! hell of an adventure it was! :P

rest.. hmm.. that word seems so hugeeeeeee now!


tulipspeaks said...

@ aviana

thanks dear! i am missing ur 'adventures' too! guess i hv a lot of posts to catch up abt u. hows things with u hun?


tulipspeaks said...

@ anits

thanks dear! hugsss


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

aww.. hugsss!! i've been missing u too!!


tulipspeaks said...

@ diya

hey dear. well.. its not exactly a great trip to be enjoyed. but i did experience a different world.



tulipspeaks said...

@ kesh

fuyooo... kembang hidung! :P
yea la. adventure kat kampung-kampung. hehehehehe..


tulipspeaks said...

@ puvanan

athe athe...
so now u know why i looked kinda lost during the meeting that day? hahahaha..