Friday, July 13, 2007

The Announcement and Nostalgic Friday - 12

We had fire drill emergency about two hours ago. This is one of the most amusing fire drill emergency I have ever experienced. Well, the last one i experienced was during my school days, when we will pack our bags in slow motion, get in proper line and head to the football field. Now thinking back, what IF there was a real fire? Will I have enough time to patiently do all that? May be I would have charred to death by then! ;)

Now back to today's fire drill emergency. First I heard some kinda buzzing noise via the PA system. Thought they were testing out the system which cost the uni millions of *ringgits. Then, a lady spoke in a sexy voice and asking us to evacuate the building immediately and this is NOT a fire drill. And the announcement was played over and over again. Of course, you were reminded not to use the lift during emergency. So, I grab my handphone & run down the staircase. Aha.. did I tell you I am in the 6th (and top) floor in my building? Okie.. that was an exercise.

At the ground floor, I saw a small crowd who has no clue what kinda fire drill emergency is happening. Mind you - we were still in the building vicinity and no one directed us to 'safer' place - *! :P We waited for few minutes and then they let us in. Till this moment none of us knew if there was actually any fire or this is a fire drill. About 10 mins ago, there was the same announcement again, but this time it was followed by another announcement saying that the second announcement was an error. I guess today can be officially declared as Announcement Friday! :P

*ringgit - Malaysian currency
* - just a remark reflecting how blurred we were.


Movie: Sivaji
Song: Athiradee
Clip: AR Rahman's concert in Toronto

This is (surprisingly) my fav song from the movie. I just found this clip in YouTube & couldn't watch it (me in office nah! :P). Hopefully this is the right clip & its playing well. Do let me know if it is not. Will check it out once I get back home.


KAYLEE said...

oh good sounds very scary,If there was a real fire why would the lady be in the building talking on a pa?????? that is what makes me think nothing was goig on that and the fact that they didnt get ya guys further away!!!!!!!!!!!

Keshi said...

Another Announcement: Ammu looks sexy as she runs to save herself from the fire!

:) I'd be so checking myself out at the mirror b4 I get out of the building. I mite evn catch the lift LOL!


:: The Protector :: said...

fire drill are just time pass..we'll get some 10 mins offical :) break....

:: The Protector :: said...

seems song is same...ana avalvu clear a illa

cindy said...

I hate fire drills. The last time we had fire drill in our school (when I was a student lah), my friends and I got so worried it wasn't a drill that we actually grabbed everything we could from our desk.

We end up looking silly on the padang with our bags, food container and water bottles. >.<

tulipspeaks said...

@ kaylee

hahahaha.. we were thinking the same!

@ keshi

were u the lady on PA system? hahahhaa..



tulipspeaks said...

@ protector

hahaha.. seems like u enjoyed it!

yea, i played it once i get home. but one thing, i always loved ARR's concerts! how about u?

@ cindy

lolz. u came across any now? i don't know why but they always want to have fire drills in school during afternoon or after recess. i mean it will be blazing hot & we will be lining up in the field like dungu!


Jeevan said...

That's bad on Fire on Friday! glad ur safe.

Seal in Astral said...

At my office we give surprise fire drills. But the best part is we have floor warden to help. We actually had 2 bomba came and had "stretcher" down a "victim" from 3rd floor on the sky lift. We will have another in 3 months time

Seal in Astral said...

well i ma back and tired and will travel again next week.

tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

nah. there was no fire. just a drill!

@ seal

wow! this one freaks me!