Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Malaysian Gated Community

The latest type of housing estates in Malaysia will be the guard-gated community. You will be driving to a posh housing estate, only to be stopped by a foreign security guard who speaks horrible Bahasa Malaysia & no English, and asked for your driving license (or identity card). The last thing I wanna do is to leave my MyKad* to these suspicious looking guards and return 3 hours later to collect it when I am exiting the place. I mean.. how safe is it to leave such a precious item to these guards? First of all, what is the purpose of having a security guard if he can't even communicate with you? Will he knows what is going on if someone shout "Tolong*! Tolong!"?For me, its like having a guard just for the sake of having one and fulfilling the developer's obligation. Sighhhh...

Thats not the only concern I have on gated community. Those days, when we were living in a mere kampung* or an estate setting, we didn't need a guard. One may argue, there was no cases of rampant house-breaking / snatch-thieves back then. True but it was also a time which allowed people to 'mingle' with everyone. There wasn't a 'gate' to imprison us in a compound. You find harmony back then. Now, does people who live in such enclosed enclave knows what they are missing? I don't think so, as most of them belong to small nuclear family, where the parents work full-time and the kids stays at the baby-sitter's place for half-a day! For them, its security. Nothing else. These people don't even know who is living next door, I don't think it matters to them if they able to interact with outside world.

I wonder if I could live in such narrowed setting - Nah! I will get suffocated! For a person who lived in a joint household for 27 years, I can't even bring myself to think about living such isolated kinda life. Not at all!

*MyKad - Malaysian Indentity Card
*Tolong! Tolong! - Help!Help!

*kampung - village


KAYLEE said...


puvanan said...

The fine for losing MyKad kas been raised to RM100 ;p

Keshi said...

the rich n the famous live in imprisoned spaces like that. it's sad tho. I'd die of claustrophbia!

I dun need no gate...Im as free as a bird soaring the skies...thats my only SECURITY.


Jeevan said...

Recently I going through an article, were a village near Pakistan not even have compound wall for every house, that people share their houses with neighbors and also share a same kitchen. I just wonder when I read that. In villages people trust each others.

Even in my apartment, talking or sharing with neighbors are rare, they keep there doors closed always.

AVIANA said...


how are you? haven't heard from you in things going? looks like things are going good here....

there are some benefits of a gated community like security....but i don't live in a place like that except there is a security door to enter the building so I guess it's the same....

anyhow..looks like you had fun at the blogger meeting...wish i was there...

talk to you soon... :)

Keshi said...

Ammu u'd love to discover my new holiday destination...have a look in my blog.


tulipspeaks said...

@ kaylee

may be u wanna share with us, why u dont like it?

@ puvanan

how many times u lost it edi? :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

well.. they think its a posh life, for me its nothing more than a prison.


@ jeevan

i understand it jeevan. even here, ppl don't know each other. thats sad!


tulipspeaks said...

@ aviana

hie there! been extremely busy. yea, i know thats not a good excuse :p but thats really whts happening. my blogging/blog-hopping frequench have been cut down pretty drastically nowadays.

i had loooooots of fun! thanks!

@ keshi

itho parkeren!