Friday, July 06, 2007

Nostalgic Friday - 11

The preparation for Bloggers Buff 2007 is going on right now. Busy busy busy...

To those who already registered
thank you guys & see you all on Sunday.

To those who has the intention of coming but have not registered
please do so asap as only few more seats are available.

To those who has the intention of coming but could not do so for various reasons
hope you guys able to participate in other events we may have in line for bloggers

AND to those who has no intention of coming (or no interest to join)
too bad, you are missing alot here! ;)

I had a hair cut yesterday & will be going for a facial today. Ah.. two of my needs been fulfilled! phhewww... ;)


Movie: Mouna Ragam
Song: Nilave Vaa

Come on.. if you don't like know this song, I think you seriously need to head towards the CD shop now. One of the best songs of the 80s & I would rate this movie as one of the best in its time too! Personally Mohan is never my fav actor but this guy is lucky to have most of the hit songs in his movies! Talk about luck.. ish ish!


KAYLEE said...

HAHA i DONT KNOW THAT SONG but was I born yet? I dont think so:) That sounds like a great event wish i could go:-( and I am glad you are getting your needs furfilled:)

cindy said...

Wow, someone's been pampering herlself, eh? ;) Post the new hair style look! :D

Nirek said...

best wishes for the blogger buff event!

Yazi said...

hey tulip, how are you????
haven't seen u for long, hope you are well

Jeevan said...

With all ur wishes i am back to blogging.

Have a nice time with Bloggers Buff dear:) Really Mohan is lucky to have must hit songs form Ilaiyaraja.

Sakun said...

have a good time with bloggers buff! Sorry i cant come, when i get my car end of this year, ill try to join yall for such events kay, sounds really fun!! heheh...

Ghost Particle said...

// they said Mohan is the only actor with that many hit movies...velli villa nayagan ...none came after him. Its true that he had the best of the songs.

Seal in Astral said...

I agree with you. The best song of the time ...full of meanings and it did play a role in my life too :D

tulipspeaks said...

@ kaylee


anyway, thanks dear!

@ cindy

well.. kinda!
not really new hairstyle. i just rebonded it a lil & cut it shorter than usual. thats all.


tulipspeaks said...

@ nirek

thanks dear. u should check out my latest post. we had a blast! :)

@ yazi

i'm well. just been busy travelling here & there. how hv u been?


tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

hie there! hope u r doing well there. thanks for ur wishes.

yea.. thats pure luck!

@ sakun

wow! we will be definitely happy to have u around dear. may be for the next event. :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ gp

truly said!

@ seal in astral

welcome to TS! :)
seriously it did? how is that?


venus66 said...

Love this song. Very touching. My favourite.