Sunday, August 05, 2007

Here I am..

I have just read and published Diya's comment on my previous post:

diyadear said...

u haven't been speaking much lately :D

6:40 AM, August 05, 2007

Well... what she said has some truth in it. Or should I say, that's the truth? :) Been really busy travelling for the past 3 weeks and those places I went had bad or no Internet coverage. It was a different world out there and I don't know if its a blessing in disguise that I get to experience it right now. It was a work-related field trip, where I conducted a research among rural folk. Can't reveal more than that, but it taught me lot more than just research. Especially my last trip to oil palm estates around Kuala Selangor and Klang area, kinda rekindle alot of memories. This requires a post on its own :)

The time I went away was a more or less a test period for me. I have heard my friends complaining that blogs are nothing more than just html codes; people here are fakes and what so not. They claimed that no one gonna bother me once I stop publishing post/updating tulipspeaks, and this blog will just die off with no one wants to know what actually happened to me. While I can't refute their claims 100%, but I know there are people out there who care about me and what I write here. Despite my no show in others' blogs, I still get commentators and respectable number of hits in tulipspeaks. Better still, I am still earning some bucks via the adverts here :P. Although I feel its not fair for me to continue expecting visitors when I am not visiting their space, its kinda sweet to know that there are people who missing me when I'm away even for a short period. I feel loved. Thank you to all!

Sharing some photos I took during my field trip.

My first meal in Kuala Selangor

My research team

Home away from home :)

The famous Anggala Amman temple in Kuala Selangor

A close up view

Was bored.. ended up clicking photos of the sunset

Among the "healthiest" orchids I have seen

And a wallpaper I did :P

Download: 1024*768 | 800*600


mandelism said...

niceeee foood!
eh ur auntie is there too ? *_*

tulipspeaks said...

@ mandelism

hehehehe.. yea. its called nasi goreng abz & apparently its the restaurant's speciality.

yea. she was with us.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

nice .... nice ....

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

same title !!! * same pinch *

Kavilan said...

errrmmmm... the food looks gooood... Restaurant specialty? hmmm... Nasi goreng abz? sounds funny...

tulipspeaks said...

@ deepa


hahahaha.. hi-5!

@ kavilan

well.. the taste is not bad either. the restaurant's name was Restoran ABZ, hence they name their special dish ABZ. we thought its funny too! :)


Keshi said...

Such lovely pics! Love the food and the temple ones WOW!

WB Ammu I missed ya too..i was wondering where u were...

Bloggers r fake? Who said that? Def a fake person must hv said that. :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

thanks dear! that fried rice was okie, not bad. the temple is said to be a very powerful one here. lets see if my prayers get answered! ;)

hahahaha.. may be it was said by sumone who has no idea i actually got real frens here. :)


Princess said...

the orchids were very lovely... so colorful...

I'm really glad u came back soon :)
Its true we get real friends here and friends are never fake..

pria said...

Nice pics and amazing structure in that temple.

Yummy food Ammu.

Nirek said...

angala amman- I heard this name in my hometown side. Malaysia is truly amazing yaar, with so much Indian background!
I love to visit KL and malaysis- trul y asia

Jeevan said...

Hope u had a very beautiful times at ur research. Very nice pics, the water house and the temple was different.

cindy said...

Beautiful photos! Lots of pink too! :D Wow, the foods are making me hungry now....

tulipspeaks said...

@ princess

yes, they were so pretty. im not an orchid-lover but i think those in the photos are too good to be left out from my clicks! :)

thanks dear.

@ pria

thanks. that temple is unique and deemed to be a very powerful temple here.


tulipspeaks said...

@ nirek

hey! looks like u know a lot of stuff about Malaysia. truly proud of u! :)

@ jeevan

yea. i enjoyed it. thanks!

@ cindy

hahahaha... u r really a food-lover!


visithra said...

my dad used to be from KS - so we used to go there once in a while - it was a nice time - i still have fond memories of the place - oh but then the roads were so bad we used to call it horse rides for free - are the roads still bad?

chaitanya said...

Anggala Amman temple looks unique.
The food looked delicious. What is Restoran ABZ ?? ABZ stands for something ?

tulipspeaks said...

@ visithra

the roads hv improved so much dear. espl after Ijok by election! ;)

@ chaitanya

yes it is.
I dont know what ABZ means. No idea. but the nasi goreng was nice la.