Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Naana Neeya Album: A Review

Now that I am back (for now), lets go into the.....blogging-mode!!!! :P

Naana Neeya: The Movie Soundtrack

Officially launched on 9th June 2007 during the Global Indian Shopping Festival in Midvalley, Naana Neeya audio album definitely has caught attention of local fans. I don't know about the movie as yet, but the audio seems to be making waves here in Malaysia.

Personally I am not inclined to 'love' or even to listen to most of the locally produced albums. Now, don't give me that wicked look. Its not that I am not supporting local music scene, its just that not ALL are good production and worth my time listening. However, voted among the top 3 local songs in Malaysian TopTen in THR Raaga (local Tamil station), the title track Naana Neeya sung by Vizz Da Blizz & MC Loga, is one my current fav. I don't know if they actually knew most of you guys not going to understand it in Tamil. They actually have the English and Malay version of the hit song as well!!. You may want to listen to the sample here:

powered by ODEO

powered by ODEO

P/S: you may have difficulty listening via odeo. God knows why the site always down! Grrrr!! Anyway, pls head to NaaanNeeya's official site to listen to the sample songs.

One thing that amazes not only me, but lot of people out there is the ability of children nowadays to pull extraordinary feat. I read in the newspaper about Galven, a young golfer who made Malaysia proud. On the other hand, Vizz Da Blizz is a young talent in the music industry who definitely gonna make (or is it already made) us proud :) At just 12, he has created history as the youngest Malaysian Indian to sing solo in a local album. Definitely not an easy feat.

Vizz Da Blizz

Found their promo video in Youtube. Just a sample video of 2mins, but I think its good enough to highlight the quality of the album.

The team also performed as guest artist in a local singing competition.

There are a lot of info, especially on latest news surrounding the album in their official website. Besides, you get to listen to the rest of the sample songs, view the movie trailer and download the song lyrics as well. You may e-mail them (dharma@cresendoproductions.com) for more info.

For door to door delivery please contact:
Mr Pralobhanan (KL) - 016 39 05 43 9
Mr Novinthen (Cyberjaya, Puchong, Kelana Jaya) - 012 57 44 22 7

I know most of you guys love music. Now I let you guys to make your own judgement of the sample songs given. What is your opinion of the artistes and the whole album? Everyone entitles to their own opinion and that is something I always believe. You may want to accept what I have said so far or come up with an entirely different opinion, but the best commentator will receive a special gift from the producers of Naana Neeya. So start typing it, guys!

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AVIANA said...

Thanks for the info for a music lover like me! I always like to learn about new lesser known artists out there....i always wanna here something new that i may love and open my ears to more...

happy tuesday to you!

White Forest said...

welcome back dear...Happy Friendship day!

Keshi said...

Ammu I cant listen to the first 2 audios..they dun work :(

but I saw Viz' video...WOW he's something at just 12! But I still think he is way too YOUNG for those clothes LOL! Cute tho. :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ aviana

thanks for the support dear. glad to hear words of encouragement from audience from other parts of the world!


tulipspeaks said...

@ white forest

thanks honey. same to u!


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

try again now honey. i hv loaded them again.


Jeevan said...

The Tamil version was good i feel. Vizz Da Blizz is cool!

:: The Protector :: said...

ammu..enakku kannu valikkuthu... design konjam maathunga plsssssssssss.........

tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

nandri! have u visited their website?

@ protector

enthe design? :S


Nirek said...

you get paid got writing reviews!! Interesting :)
Will checkout their album!

I love the malaysian tamil rap band Yogi, Dr Burn...valavan!

anits said...

hi ammu...watz up!tcare n hv fun gal

tulipspeaks said...

@ nirek

hahahaha.. do check it out and let us know what u feel about it.

thanks for the support for Malaysian artistes! :)

@ anits

v fine dear. listened to the songs? :)


Kavilan said...

well, the songs are good on the ears, but permit me to say that they lack originality. I appreciate their efforts, but nothing that they did is new. Everything is just the same 'ol thing we are hearing in the airwaves.
The 12-year old kid has got to be praised for his great achievements at such a young age, but stereotyping him with a hip-hop influenced name and mannerism at such a young age is smthg I dont feel is necessary. Again, everything about this seems regular, and it just lacks the "fresh" outlook.
I guess it is one of the many "follow-up" efforts following the Indian hip-hop wave in Malaysia. But, by all means, congratz on a great effort to the whole team!

Ghost Particle said...

love the song as well...its getting viral and cult status baby! The boy...must get him to sing for a song or sumthing!

Keshi said...

wow its nice! I felt like dancing and Im at work LOL!


tulipspeaks said...

@ kavilan

a critical review. im sure those involved in the making of the album will look into it. thanks!


tulipspeaks said...

@ gp

ah.. long time no c! how have u been? :)

glad you enjoyed the song!

@ keshi

hey sweetheart. good that u get to listen to it now. btwn, did u dance? :P


Anonymous said...

Hi, The Naana Neeya songs and music are nice. But who is actually the composer of the songs?It's not mentioned in the album review. Would love to know who's the genius behind the songs. Please enlighten me. Thanks ya...!!!

Anonymous said...

The composer's name is Boy Radge.check out his myspace "www.myspace.com/boyradge"