Saturday, August 18, 2007

Robbed but still alive

Yesterday morning, my home was attacked by armed robbers. Yes, my HOME. Ladies (which includes me) and children were at home that time. I was very much traumatized by what happened, and couldn't bring myself to put up a post on it yesterday itself. Let me narrate the incident now, just like my statement to the police.

About 9.30am (may be a little earlier), 3 armed men around 20-23 yrs old entered my home. One of the guys put the parang* to my bro's neck and made him to sit down at the sofa. He also guarded the front door. All windows and doors were then locked. There was a fourth guy in the car waiting.The second guy went to mom, grabbed her neck n put parang on her neck. He asked everyone to shut up but everyone kept on shouting. He hit my mom's head n punch her face. mom felt down and started to bleed. I shouted and told him to take whetever he want but not to hurt anyone. But the idiot didn't understand what I was saying and hit my head with parang's back too. I got disoriented and almost fainted, but somehow stayed strong. He grabbed mom's chains, thali, bangles, wedding ring. Same with grandma and aunty. Then he asked us to take off our earrings. The third fella asked for handphones and purses. i said i don't have a handphone (don't know how he bought that!). He took bro's new Nokia. Then he made me to bring him to the my room to get my purse. I manage to hide my ATMs and phone, and gave him about RM50 that was in my purse. He wanted to take away my precious lappy but it was all connected n wires all over the place. Its old lappy and by that time, ppl started to gather outside my house. They panicked and ran away with the waiting car outside the house. The whole robbery thingy took less than 10 mins. The police arrived about 2, 3 minutes after neighbour made the phone call. Till now, those bastards still roaming free on the street.

I still can feel the pain on my head. Damn! But in a way, I'm grateful to God - we are still well & alive. IF the idiot hit mom or me with the sharp point of the parang instead of the holder, we won't be around right now to narrate the story.

It's a dangerous world out there, and everyone regardless their place of residence, country of origin, age and gender should and MUST always becareful of their surrounding. Never, ever take anything for granted, including our own life. Till yesterday I never feared for my life, but the fear I felt yesterday cannot be described in words. So my friends, please becareful all the time and remind that to everyone you guys know.

Although my boss has advised me to rest at home, I don't think sitting here doing nothing will bring me any good. I will be going to outstation on Monday and will be back on Friday. Will try to blog from there. I will miss you guys and thanks to everyone who rang and wished me well. God bless everyone.

And DannyFoo has highlight my post on dating vs sexual services in his bloggie. Got a serious discussion over there, do take part. Will check that out once I come back!

*parang - Malaysian equivalent of the machete
**pardon me for grammatical error in this post, which was typed in hurry :)


ghostline said...

Hello Tulip. Spotted your post on the Petaling Street blog-tal.

Glad to know you and your family survived the ordeal with relatively minor injuries. I know this will have been said to you countless times by now, but I will say it again:

At the present time we cannot rely on the police to protect us, so please do take any and all precautions you can to prevent yourself from becoming victims of crime (again).

I wish you and your family a speedy recovery and all the best.

[ ghostline ]

Fleiger said...

That's shocking...

I know this is not enough to say, but I agree, thank god you are all well, and relatively unhurt.

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Hi Ammu,

Jumped here from Sree's blog long time back. Been following your blog for quite a while.

Its really heartening to read what happened to you and your family.

Thanks for the tip. I will never take anything for granted here afterwards.

Take care ammu.

Hoping to read a post soon saying that you are back to your usual self.

Voracious Blog Reader

puvanan said...

I thank God that all of you are fine!

KAYLEE said...


chaitanya said...


Damn..Damn..Damn. I really hope you are doing good. I freaked out when i read your blog. I hope your mom is doing fine, could imagine how painful it could be.
I thank god that everyone at your home is fine, but curse those fellows. Nowdays our place are not safe to stay. I hope u will recover from Trauma soon, wishes to your family.

cindy said...

Oh my God, Ammu, I read in the news online about a robbery that happened in Shah Alam. Was that you??!!

Oh dear, my heart thumps while reading your post.. I never expected that it happened to YOU!

I'm so sorry for what happened.. I hope your mom, your grandmother.. everyone is fine. Please lock all the doors everytime.


sakun said...

omg, dear, im glad you and your family are well ! Thank goodness!

zewt said...

have to say you're lucky to be alright... it could have been much worse.

Kesh said...

Damn, couldn't believe it happened to some1 we knew..
But lucky no one was seriously injured..

Nirek said...

thats shocking! is the society there so unsafe??

and thank god, that those guys didn't harm you and family much!

Michael Song said...

my dear... hope u r alrite... i got a shock to read ur post... take care my dear...

Ratu Syura said...

Hi Ammu..

I came about from cindy's blog, and thought I'd drop by to wish you and your family a speedy recovery! It scares me to know that it could happen to anyone, and like you said, we should not take things for granted. The fact that those buggers did it in broad daylight is even scarier!

Keep you head up and be strong, girl. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. ;)

Kavilan said...

well, thank god u guys are okay, albeit some minor injuries... luckily no serious harm came to u and ur family...
my best wishes 4u and ur family... let's hope that it won't happen again and the justice be served to the culprits...

anits said...

Hi sorry to hear what happened to u n ur family..
Thank god u all are fine! Hope you n your family will recover soon form care!


Mohan said...

ammu, i am really sorry with what happened with your family and yourself. How is your mom?I really hope the robbers will get eaten by tigers if they are hiding inside a jungle.

whAt A LiFe said...

Oh dear, it just happens in minutes. It is rather scary to know the robbers were armed with parangs. Thank god u n ur family are safe.

These hurtless humans are gifted with proper hands and legs, instead of earning a good living, they rob ppl's properties. They will definitely get their punishment from God soon. Be strong gal. And make sure all doors or gates are locked.

visithra said...

oh dear just read this - just be thankful the bruises a small - though im sure u guys are still in shock - take care dear -

:: The Protector :: said...

tats shocking..... hopw u and every1 are doing gud....take care and be safe....

Keshi said...

WUTTTTTTTTTTT!! I cudnt believe I was reading this Ammu! Is this for REAL? OMG. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! Im so glad ur SAFE..and ur family!

Wut a bunch of COWARDS! How dare! Who r they? d u suspect anyone u know? thats so scary! I still cant believe it happened to ya.

**and hit my head with

thats so sick! How can a guy do that to a girl? What a fuckin loser! I hope he gets his karma back in doubles some day!

U TC now ok? how is ur mum n sis? And ur bro?


Keshi said...

**The second guy went to mom, grabbed her neck n put parang on her neck.. He hit my mom's head n punch her face.

thats sooooo inhuman! OMG!



Queenie said...

Ammu, I was so shocked to read this on my return to the blogshere. My thoughts are with you.

venus66 said...

Thank God nothing serious. Take good care and always be alert.

diyadear said...

oh dear.. u truely sound so shaken up... thank god u all r safe.. i pray the police catch them soon. be sure to U give one blow back on his head then..

Danny Foo said...

Gosh! :O

Just curious...

1. How did they enter?
2. Were they wearing helmets, ski masks, goggles..what to cover themselves up?
3. Is your mum, aunty and grandma alright - not in any more trauma?

This is really a terrifying experience. Even though I may not be a close friend but I can place myself in your situation and somehow really feel for you though I only read your blog to know you.

Thankfully, the police are on time and they just fled the scene. Though I kinda wished the neighbours just took it into their own hands and brought what they could to bash the car and culprits.

Well, I hope you and your family are well and will recover from this traumatic experience.

Jeevan said...

It was heart broking to read to know about this incident. It has happened like a film scene na, very rude act. Glad you all were safe from the heartless people. Take care dear.

tulipspeaks said...

@ ghostline

welcome to ts!

thank you for your concern. Truly appreciate it. we are doing okie right now, although quite disturbed. and yes, we learnt a valuable lesson and will definitely be more cautious (if not paranoid) from now on.

@ fleiger

thank you, buddy!


tulipspeaks said...

@ voracious blog reader

hie there and thanks for the support. i'm not 100% alright, but i'm getting there. thanks again!

@ puvanan

thanks, dear!


tulipspeaks said...

@ kaylee

its okie hun!

@ chaitanya

i'm not 100% fine, but getting there! no worries anymore.
thanks for the wishes dear!


tulipspeaks said...

@ cindy

no dear, im in puchong

yes, it was unexpected and freaky! :(

thank you for the wishes!

@ sakun

thanks, dear!


tulipspeaks said...

@ zewt

welcome to ts!

i got nightmares thinking what IF worse happened. :(

@ kesh



tulipspeaks said...

@ nirek

this is something never suppose to happened in my place (ppl here are nosy about their neighbours, indirectly providing security) but we have started to hear about such cases about 3, 4 years ago.

thank you for the wishes!

@ micheal

thanks dear!


tulipspeaks said...

@ ratu syura

welcome to ts!
thank you so much for your kind wishes. appreciate it. :)

@ kavilan

we can hope, pray and take the necessary precautions. anything more than that is not any longer in our hand . right? :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ anits

its okie dear. we r okie now. hugss!

@ mohan

mommy is still quite disturbed,although she is trying to look okie. we freak out whenever we see a silver Waja passing by my home :(


tulipspeaks said...

@ what a life/shantini

thanks for the concern, dear! even till now, i'm not upset about our monetary loss, its the terror they have created in us. it will take sometime to get back to normal.

@ visithra

thank you!


tulipspeaks said...

@ the protector

thanks dear!

@ keshi

its all for real, and sometimes reality can be freaky nah?

bunch of cowards.. yea, they are but i don't think they care about all that. :(

*catch you via the email.


tulipspeaks said...

@ queenie

hie there! hugsss!!
we r trying to cope. okie for now.

@ venus

thanks dear!


tulipspeaks said...

@ diya

thanks dear! i hope for the same.

@ danny foo

1. How did they enter?
through the front gate. my bro just unlocked the gate few minutes earlier as he was going out. the next thing we know, these fellas rushed in!

2. Were they wearing helmets, ski masks, goggles..what to cover themselves up?
nope. they showed their faces and we could still recognise them.

3. Is your mum, aunty and grandma alright - not in any more trauma?
we are not 100% alright, but we are getting there.



tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

hell yea.. the whole thing was just like a movie! i'm still trying to come to the term that its all true. :(


zewt said...

hey, thanks for dropping by too. well... now that it's over, dont think about the if... just make sure that it will not be repeated.

Ghost Particle said...

oh sorry for not reading this earlier. thanx to God for keeping your family and yourself ok. Stay strong girl.


tulipspeaks said...

@ zewt

thanks! will bear that in mind.

@ gp

its okie. hugss!! we r fine now.
u tc too.