Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Should I sue you too?

IPOH: A man was ordered by the High Court here to pay at least RM70,000 for breaking a promise to marry a woman.

Justice Mohd Azman Husin ruled that legal clerk S. Nagamah, 38, had proven a claim against legal office administrator R. Punnosamy, 41.

The decision was made in chambers yesterday.

Justice Mohd Azam said he found Nagamah’s testimony to be more convincing than Punnosamy’s and ordered him to pay RM50,000 for breaching his promise to marry her.

He also ordered Punnosamy to pay RM20,000 for Nagamah’s mental anguish and loss of reputation, name and honour, as well as costs.

Another RM2,000 was awarded to Nagamah as compensation for assault when Punnosamy slapped her in 2002 after she had supposedly threatened his fiancée at a tuition centre in Teluk Intan.
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A case of a man breaking his promise to marry a woman is a rather very subjective matter. Mere monetary compensation will definitely not going to undone what he has done to her, but remember for some men out there, money means a lot to them. Taking a portion of their wealth surely gonna hurt their ego (plus with the fact that their names have been published in leading daily!). Nagamah might never get back what she has lost, but she has set a precedence to women in Malaysia.

Guys... Dare to cheat another gal again???

*Glad to be back on my usual mode of blogging! :P


Abru said...

Hi Ammu...
Read the post about the Robbers...
Was so shocked when I saw that post. Took some time to realize that it really happened... Glad to hear that you and your family is alright now...

Uff... forgot one thing... U're tagged.... ;) Lol...

Ghost Particle said...

i can only laugh...after 31 sexual encounters and she still waited for him because of love? I call it stupidity. And also, the guy is another stupid coz he cant find anyone else...case of free sex i suppose. But imagine...she keeping record...aiyooo...classic. Will go down in news history.