Monday, October 22, 2007

Deepavali: Cookies

Whoa! Looks like everyone love cookies!!! Here are 3 more cookies, we did during the weekend:

custard cookies
In Malay, this is called Sarang Semut (Ant's colony). Basically this is another form of curtard cookies. Again, it contains eggs, so will only get to taste it tomorrow.

cornflakes - kokokrunch
This is a solo attempt by yours truly *wink wink. Two doughs were prepared - one out of Corn Flakes and another from Koko Krunch. Both were 'attached' together, cut and baked. After letting it to cool, I dipped it in melted chocolate and sprinkled with coloured chocolate rice. It gives a lingering chocolate taste in your mouth everytime you take a bite! Purely vegetarian! :D

This is another Corn Flakes delight, but much simpler compared to the previous one. This time around, only a single dough is needed and I added crunched Corn Flakes to it. Yes, it turned out to be crunchy and again vegetarian.

Before anyone starts complaining of pictures of cookies one and after, I just wanna assure you this is something which will not dominate tulipspeaks. I'm longing for a serious post too. May be in a day or two.. okie? ;)


Ratu Syura said...

Wowww!! Your cookies look simply delishhh!! I wish our Raya cookies looked as colorful~! If only I knew how to make them myself! :P

Ghost Particle said...

you are good...really good. love this series.

diyadear said...

wow gal.. they look so yummy...

puvanan said...

Looking at your cookies make me hungry! :P

zewt said...

those tablets looking brown stuff... are they chocolates? all very yummy looking.

oh... you're vegetarian today huh?

tulipspeaks said...

@ ratu syura

aww.. thank u so much. i know malays r pro in making cookies & cakes. they just love it. i'm still a beginner. i'm sure u would make better ones once u started baking.. hmm.. may be next Raya?

@ gp

hahahahaha.. i thought men will feel bored with series of cookies!


tulipspeaks said...

@ diya

thank u dear!
*shy shy

@ puvanan

lolz. wnt me to send some to UTP? :P

@ zewt

they r chocolate rice. even the coloured ones are chocolate rice too.

was vegetarian for 11 days. today buka puasa dah! :P


Keshi said...

I dun like cookies as much as I like traditional Indian sweets. nothing to beat em!


Jeevan said...

I just like to taste that chocolate flavor! Deepavali kalai katta arambichiducha… :)

Vinesh said...

you made that!!?

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

they seem soooo yummmmyyyy!!!
I wish i could taste them :)

AVIANA said...

hi there..

i'm glad things worked out with your blog...

i don't know what was happening back then..

oh well..

yes i love cookies and i need to stop eating lots of sweets...this doesn't help...

anits said...

wowww ammu...the biscuits look damn cun ..really wan to taste to me please ;) yummy yummy

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

They look so delicious :)

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Hi Ammu,

Don't you have pure vegetarian cookies for people like me? :(

By the way, can you post the recipes too? I would like to try my hand at it. Thanks.

Voracious Blog Reader

Kesh said...

I feel want to grab one and taste it..
Wish I had magic skills like David Blaine, damn..

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

yea.. agree with that. waiting for my grandma to make her ghee urundai! :P

@ jeevan

ama. shopping mudinjathe. ippo cookies thaan.


tulipspeaks said...

@ vinesh

yes. why la? :S

@ raaji

hehehehe.. u got to pay me a visit during Deepavali for that! ;)


tulipspeaks said...

@ aviana

hahahaha.. eating cookies once a while is okie. ;)

@ anits

lolz. cannot cannot. must come n eat in my place.


tulipspeaks said...

@ shalini

thank u! :))))


those last 2 cookies r vegetarian. e-mail me I will reply with the recipe.

@ kesh

no need la. can just hop in to my place for D'vali. All cookies will be served. :P :P :P