Monday, October 22, 2007

Here comes Smorty!

I think I have mentioned this before, I never blogged solely for money, but I was toying with the ideas of signing up for Smorty or a while now. Definitely, I don't want tulipspeaks looks like a yellow page of all sorts of advertisement, and I am not willing to trade my personal dear space with such thing. But again, getting paid is tempting.. :P

I am always amazed at other's ability to blog for money and at the same time, they never lose focus of their blog. They simply incorporate it to their daily posts. Brilliant! I was asking myself for few days if that is possible with me - can I incorporate adverts without losing my touch? I was okie with Smorty and it allows everyone to advertise on blogs without us losing our personal touch . After all, they are not going to force me to take up assignments. I get to choose which paid post I would like to do and just have to get it down within the stipulated time period.

From few dollars, you may earn up to $100 per post I find that Smorty will allow me to continue to blog as usual while earning some extra bucks !