Wednesday, October 17, 2007

an IMAGE make over

Sorry for the unannounced disappearance from the blogworld, guys (and my lovely gals)!. Desperate time required desperate measures :P Things are getting better at my end.

Marking my re-entry to the blogsphere is a new series of POSTCARDS! Do give your constructive criticism on this post.

make up edited copy

hairstyle edited copy


overweight edited copy

tags edited copy


I am desperate for an image make over. any suggestion where to start?


v I v E k said...

I need to lose weight!!!!:p
I am still trying to do it..but i just love eating:)

cindy said...

That's a very tough question. Hehehe.. but if you need to see how you'd look like with different hairstyles (before actually changing your current hairstyles), you could try

I love their virtual makeover!

Ghost Particle said...

okay...this is a hard one. do you believe in rebirth? HAHAHAHHA

change one at a time, go with your own style and inspire people rather than being inspired.

anits said...

eyebrow ok i can tell u... make up ok i can tell u butttttttt losing weight hehehe...

Keshi said...

WB Ammu HUGGGGGGGGZ! I missed ya. And I got ur email tnxx! :)

I thought I needed em all..but all I needed was to know that Im beautiful anyways.

How does that sound? U r beautiful just the way u r Ammu!


CM-Chap said...

A little more smile plz... That's good enough for makeover.

By the way.. I liked the one " I need to lose weight"

AVIANA said...

hey there!

i think it hit everyone that past couple of days cuz keshi had problems too....can you post now?

Jeevan said...

What we need must be on our own style and desire not in what is trend and famous. I see people just follow the current fashion, even though that won’t suits them.

3rd pic was nice. Happy weekend!

Voracious Blog Reader said...


Where is your Friday soonggggggggg for meeeeeeeee???

Voracious Blog Reader

tulipspeaks said...

@ vivek

hahahaha.. join gym edi?

@ cindy

thanks for the site, cindy.. will check it out in a while.


tulipspeaks said...

@ gp

lolz. rebirth.. oh come on!

one at a time.. okie.. which one comes first? :S

@ anits

okie, tell me about eyebrow & make up first. me wanna knowwwwwwwwwwww ;)


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

hugss!! sorry for the brief MIA,dear.

hmm.. but i desperately need to 'change' my image. i'm not comfortable with how i look! :S

@ cm-chap

welcome to TS! and thank u for the smile thingy.. lolz. i really smiled when i saw ur comment. *shy


tulipspeaks said...

@ aviana

yea i can post now. but usually i dont autoplay. so, im not sure how it is working in your blogs.

@ jeevan

its not really about fashion.. its abt image, our image which we are unhappy about.

thanks. i like #3 too.


tulipspeaks said...


lolz. posted dear!