Friday, November 16, 2007

Award, Meme & Nostalgic Friday - 22

The gorgeous Syura has awarded me with a really sweet award:

Awwww.. and she has really nice things to say about me *wink wink

Ammu deserves this one cuz she always puts other people before herself. Yet, she never gives herself the credit. Well, let me give her the credit with this award then!!


Thank you so much for the award dearie!

Eh.. then looks like she has tagged me as well!
I gave up doing tags/meme long time ago, but as I have been bribed with an award, I can't say no this time. :P

The Rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

The eight facts about me:

1. My dad & my mom literally had a fight in the hospital choosing my name. Mom won the battle. Thus, I'm Amutha today.

2. Probably as the consequence of that event #1, I tend to fight with others for anything and everything.

3. I had my first scar in an accident involving my dad's motorcycle. I was 4. I developed a phobia riding a bike since then.

4. I have no bestfriend(s), basically because I don't believe in it.

5. My numerology says black is the unluckiest colour for me, but that is my favourite.

6. Twenty was my age of many firsts - first day in university, first contact lenses which was hazel, first car, first time away from home etc

7. I love attending weddings, looking at bridal photos, designing and planning a wedding. But the idea of getting married freaks the hell out of me. Thank goodness its still very long time to go.

8. Right now, I'm having a crush at someone in the blogworld. Who? The only clues I can give - he is a Malaysian and he is NOT someone who comments in tulipspeaks. In reality, I know nothing is going to happen. So, ssshhhh!!!


Song: Thalatu Paada
Singer: Sithartan

A Song sung by Sithartan, a friend of mine. I think this is a good effort by him (ahem). No, it is not him in the video. I'll try to steal one of his photos later :P
Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.


whAt A LiFe said...

Hi Ammu

I'm back after a week's leave. I enjoyed the diwali celebrations very much. Sad to be back to work : (

Wow, an award! I'm sure u deserve this award coz u r one sweet person.

I'm happy for you.

: )

cindy said...

Ahhh... now that you've mentioned you have a crush on someone: I wonder who it is and I wanna know!!!!! LOL!!!!

Hey, you never know, Ammu. SOMETHING might happen. He might have a secret crush on you too!! :P

Ratu Syura said...

you're welcome ammu! and thanks for doing the tag! now i know how your name originated! :D

Pri said...

CONGO!! for the sure u well deserve it! :)
and heyy hope tht crush blooms up into something more soon :)...
till then we will all go into hiding and track down ur activities until we catch some hint as to who the 'special guy' is :p...heehee
*puts on a long black overcoat, hat and dark glasses and follows amutha*
take care!!

Deana E said...

wow..crush with blogger.. i 'met' my hubby while shopping online he he

Nanyaar? said...

No best friends, not even me? :(

AVIANA said...


Ok you know i'm going to be on you for this until you reveal!

have you seen his face? Is he cute?

do you like the way he types his words? lol

have a nice one!

Jeevan said...

That’s so sweet of her to awarding you and the reasons thought. Congrats.

Some facts are very new about u to know. It’s worth listening to the Thaalatu Paada nee illaiye... and a beautifully picturesque there. An excellent work from your friend ammu.

usws said...

About your crush, keep commenting on his blog.. Make an impression, type really really realllly long essay-like comments. Hahaha, that's what i'd do. And i bet somethings bound to happen.

Can every friend be a bestfriend? Hehe.. I lurve black too!


Ghost Particle said...

Yes you really do deserve it. U write with ease, and your write with passion. the idea is to keep it simple and true, don't go on a fishing trip to blackmail someone to come to help you. U excel in all aspects, which I assume that your real life will and is treating you well. You will get what you deserve and desire. All the best.

tulipspeaks said...

@ what a life

aww.. thats really sweet. thanks!

@ cindy

hahaha.. keep wondering.i dont think anyone could guess..

He might have a secret crush on you too!
that will definitely freak me out! :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ ratu syura

thanks for the award again ;)

@ pri

hahahaha.. good luck tracking me! :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ deana

while shopping online? how is that possible? :S

@ nanyaar

:) hugs!


tulipspeaks said...

@ aviana

hehehehe.. i dont think i wanna reveal. coz i alreadi know the answer.. :)

@ jeevan

thank u!


tulipspeaks said...

@ usws

hehehe.. thanks for the tips!

@ gp

aawww.. sweet! thanks!