Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A deal..

An arranged marriage is like a business dealing.
It is not about feelings.
It is about compatibility.
- tulipspeaks


anits said...

yes ammu i agree with u

tulipspeaks said...

hehehehe.. when i didnt see any response to it, i thought i have offended my readers! pheww!!

glad u agree with me, anits.



Keshi said...

thats one of MY regular quotes!


venus66 said...
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tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

and it is correct too! :p

@ venus

thanks dear.
i'm doing fine. how have u been?


venus66 said...

Hi ammu, how are you? I agree to certain extent.:) Do not ask me why. Take care.

PS: Earlier comment was for your second post. Wrongly posted. Sorry.

Jeevan said...

I agree too... relation should not bring up only after satisfying with the dealing.

Ghost Particle said...

its about food.

venus66 said...

Hi, I am doing just fine. Thank you. Enjoying the school hols. Eating and eating. Putting so much of weight. Waiting for my hubby's 'COMPLIMENTS'.:)))
You take care.

Sameera said...

Very true!

I love the template btw :)

God's Little Angel said...

Yes Yes Yes Ammu, my both hands up for this. Its a very true phrase.