Sunday, November 25, 2007

HINDRAF rally turned ugly?

Today is the D-day of the planned rally by HINDRAF. This supposedly peaceful assembly has turned ugly with the FRU (Federal Reserve Unit) firing tear gasses and chemical-sprayed water cannon at the assembled crowd.

Malaysian police have used tear gas and water cannon against a protest by thousands of ethnic Indians in the country's largest city, Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday's protest in the shadow of the city's famous twin towers was organised by a Hindu rights group to draw attention to complaints of discrimination against the minority ethnic Indian community.

Many ethnic Indians complain they are marginalised in terms of employment and business opportunities by a government dominated by the majority ethnic Malays.

Read the rest in Al-Jazeera

Report & visual by Al-Jazeera:
[updated with 3 more videos]

Includes a telephone interview with YB SK Devamany, MP

The latest updates (news, photos, video & audio reports) are available in bmahendran's BOLEHLAND. Another mirror site has been set up HERE if you find it difficult to access his site.


Antares said...

When a government becomes rigid, inflexible, arrogant, and resorts to violent reactions to basic freedoms like the the right to assemble and express unhappiness, this indicates that it has become dysfunctional and obsolete. I pray for the swift demise of the Barisan Nasional and the corrupt and divisive policies for which it has stood for far too long. Power, courage, and justice to the beautiful and many-hued peoples of Malaysia!

v I v E k said...

The high turn out proves the claim that Indians are lacking behind in Malaysia or simply put left behind. No concerted efforts were taken to actually help us to improve ourselves. Apparently, many articles and speechs by the authorities concentrated on how illegal is the rally and how "effective" the force was used. None actually highlighted any actions or remedy which will be taken to rectify the issues of the indians. Blatant cover up on the underlying point of the rally. It is hilarious to watch these ppl giving interviews. Out of tune for a representative like him. God save Malaysia.

zewt said...

it's ugly... but the question is... why ugly?

tulipspeaks said...

my comment will require a new post on its own. reserving my comment for that. ;)

thanks for commenting in this sensitive issue where many prefer to stay mum!