Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm a Malaysian..

so, stop questioning my citizenship!

XX : hi. h r u?
me : hie. im fine thanks.

XX : wr u frm?

me : malaysia n u?

XX : india.
XX : r u stdyng?

me : no. working. im a researcher.

XX : wt ur hobbie

me : i blog. u came frm thr rite?

XX : ya

--after a while ---

XX : ur proper?
me : proper? :S

XX : native place?

me : oh okie okie.
im a malaysian.

XX : but u look indian??????

me : well, its a long story.

anyway, im born here.

guess tht hs summarized all.

XX : u no tamil?

me : i do speak tamil.

XX : u got indian name

u speak tamil but u don't want to be indian

r u shame?

me : huh?
shame for wht?

XX : u r shame to be called indian

me :
(WTF!) :O no la. look... my ancestors came to malaya about 100 years ago
and they settled here.
we r the 4th generation in malaysia.
i got no idea where exactly my greatgrandparents actually came from

i can nvr call india my home.

-- after a while --

XX : have u visited india

me : no. not yet.

XX : y

me : the time is not here yet.

when we wanna visit, we surely will do.

XX : don't bullshit

u don't love india

u not even coming back

me : dude.. listen.. im being v patient here

u not even coming back <-- coming back is not the right word here

i can only visit india as a tourist

i hold malaysian passport la :|
XX : stop bitch!

u r shame to india

me :#@$#*%
This are excerpts of an original chat between a guy claimed to be my blog reader from India and myself.

Okie.. Malaysia may not be the best country in the world. She has her flaws, and most of us (read non-bumi) knows what are the flaws and who are causing them. But this is my birth country for God sake! My ancestors were from India, but I am a Malaysian. This is my rightful country and I don't understand why anyone want to question that.

It's not that I have anything against India. The country fascinates me in a lot of aspects. India has charm of its own. I watch movies originated from India - Tamil, Hindi, Telegu, Malayalam.. u name it. I wear Indian clothes - a sucker for sarees. I love their architecture. I celebrate every festival celebrated by Hindus in India. I speak fluent Tamil. But it doesn't make me an Indian citizen.

I'm crazy about Vishal, a South Indian actor after all...

My genetic composition might have originated from India, but my place is here. If at any point I got shooed away from Malaysia, I'll be stateless!

So, please understand the fact that I am a Malaysian.


Voracious Blog Reader said...


Am surprised how you initiate chat sessions with strangers.

Voracious Blog Reader

Ghost Particle said...

oh well...some are stupid, some a born stupid. leave them Ammu...they would never understand. never will...and at least we speak better english and know MORE tings to do than answer calls. HAHAHA...this is damn stereotyping.

Kesh said...

Aik this kinda ppl also got ar?
Never studied history before?
Really hard to make him understand ha..I can see u

mandelism said...

tats so damn funnny

we are born malaysian...hopefullydie as one as well kanne!!

puvanan said...

[...]Malaysia may not be the best country in the world[...]

Malaysia is the best country on earth. Even the ancient Indians named it Swarnabumi.

You should have answered him, "I am an Indian technology made in Malaysia!" lolz.. Sometimes I wonder how can people not to know the difference between race, religion, dialect, origin and Nationality? Anyway, I am always proud to be a Malaysian, just like you! :)

Kavilan said...

alahai.... ni yang dipanggil kebodohan yang tidak terhingga...

some ppl are so ignorant bout the world.. damn i hate ignorant ppl!

Keshi said...

**XX : stop bitch!
u r shame to india

seriously he said that to ya? Wut kind of MOFO was that!

Why r ya even talking to ppl like that Ammu? I know that u didnt know abt him b4, but the reason why I hv stopped chatting long time ago is THAT. That kinda idiots roam ard chat rooms and I dun wanna be subjected to losers. My energy is precious and I'd rather spend it on something/someone worthwhile.

U r MALAYSIAN and be proufd of it Ammu!

We all hv origins...even tho Im a Sri Lankan, we all originated from India 1000 of yrs ago. But that doesnt make me a Indian citizen..cos I was born in Sri Lanka. If ppl cant get it thru their thick skulls let em rot in their own hell.

Besides, Indian, Malaysian, Sri Lankan or Aussie, we r all HUMAN. Thats all that matters.


Amey said...

I see around me 1st and 2nd generation kids born and brought up outside India (or any other country for that matter), and often wonder (even feel sad) about their lack of connection to the land most of their parents still consider home. But then, I can fault them only because their parents do still think of India as homeland, with everything attached.

Don't think that I am accusing your parents or anything. I am just saying that 4 generations is more than enough to change your "nationality".

Jeevan said...

I agree with you. where did he gone when our own citizens from India, left to other country and settled there and got that places citizenship.

Leave them dear, as keshi said we all are humans.

usws said...

Haha, i should go around chat rooms and initiate random conversations with people too. That would make my life a whole more interesting and fulfilling.

I don't think he's questioning your citizenship, i think (as some as your commenters said) he's just not very bright. Or uninformed. Being in a country consisting of mostly Indians (i think), he must think that all Indians (even those in other countries) belong/are born there.

I bet you that a China Chinese might say something quite similar to what he said to you. They would tell me that I'm a traitor or that I'm being a pushover for working under Malaysians. Something like that.

A: What race are you?
B: Christian.

Funny as heck anyhow. BYE!

p.s. I'm crazy about Hindi actresses. XD

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

i can so relate with you on this one... but in an opposite manner. I am originally from Pakistan but lived here in the States for the most part of my life...
A friend of mine and I get into this argument from time to time and no matter what i do or say, i am an "American" and not a ' Pakistani' in his eyes.
i have given up now :)

dave said...

When I was in my early teens there were quite a number of people from Tamil Nadu working in the same outfit where my father worked. They were new arrivals and their main aim was to earn money, return to India, get married, have children there and so forth. One of the oft repeated claim was the “rasam” they eat in India is even better than the chicken curry in Malaya. Recently, I was having my hair clipped (no more cutting mind you) by another Indian brother in a saloon and while chattin away, the same thing of the great India came back “aney I am telling you, what is so great of Kuala Lumpur you must see Bombay (Mumbai) New Delhi and Chennai, for you to know how great India is”. I have never visited these places and so I cannot judge. A relative visited Southern India, some time back. He lamented “what type of chicken curry they make in the villages, I think they replaced chikens with crows”. It would have been a mouth full if I had said this in Tamil. So this goes on. How many of us remember this thingy about grass being greener on the other side of the fence or “akkarai matukku ikkarai pul patchai”. I suppose this will go on and on.

Ur proper. Certain words used by Indian nationals can make you tongue-tied. Like this word proper. In Tamil at least “sontha” translates to proper like in “sontha oor”

Any how, our culture, language and other rich heritage is what our forefathers brought from India and suffice to say I am happy to be called a Malaysian Indian. I can’t change that although legally I am a Malaysian.

Asha said...

I am catching up my read on blogs if you're wondering! An Indian student once suggested that I celebrate India's indepedence day despite the fact I'm Malaysian! In respond, I asked him how he felt if I told him he should celebrate Malaysia's independence day. He was mum!
People, particularly those closest to you (at least that's what you thought!) are so arrogant, ignorant and manipulative these days!

Princess said...

Hi Ammu,

Some never understand..
How someone can start blaming without actually knowing or listening to you??!!

just ignore such people.