Friday, November 30, 2007

Nostalgic Friday - 24

Alagiya Tamil Magan or in short, ATM is Vijay's Deepavali offering. Defying logic and rational thinking, ATM is said to be the leader of Tamil movies released for Deepavali. May be I was expecting too much, but I was quite disappointed of the movie. I will not dwell on the story, but just going to highlight the short comings:

1. Double hero - one an athlete and another a criminal. Though it was good to see 'unrelated' Vijay (unlike Godfather, where in the end you have 3 Ajits all related to each other!), I think its time Tamil cinema industry move away from this double role syndrome. They are overdoing it!

2. Namitha - she 'killed' the Maryln Monroe song! Can't they find a woman with a normal body shape proportion? I think it was a competition between Shreeya & her on who could show more flesh!

3. Shreeya - I never liked her. Enough said.

4. Visualization of the songs -Songs were great, but the visualization didn't do justice to AR Rahman's work. Too bad!

5. Villain to turn new leaf - He had probably spend the last 15 years of his life cheating people. How could a person like that turned new leaf after listening to 40 sec speech by a girl? :S

Verdict: 6.0/10.0 (markah kesian!)

Song: Ponmagal vanthal(remix by AR Rahman)

Hindi remix (Bluffmaster)

I think the guy who did the Hindi remix of Abishek Bachan for the Tamil movie did a wonderful job!It's real fun to watch. Check it out!


Kesh said...

Haha same goes to me..not as much as I expected..

The song nice to listen but pain to watch except for Vijay's dance..and indeed Namitha spoilt the movie a bit..

The fighting scenes resembles like

and the Villain have to turn to be a good guy because don't forget he's Indian movie Hero must be a Hero..and have happy ending..or not the movie will flop..

p/s: I wonder how Billa gonna be..waaa

Kavilan said...

6 out of 10? oh gooooooooooooooodddddddddd!!! why SO HIGH mark?

this was the WORST vijay movie ever... luckily i watched the downloaded copy... urrrrghhh...

mandelism said...

hahaha 6 is abit high for this movie :p

5.9 la lol

wei ur jealous of shreeya. enough said!!!

puvanan said...

Hehe.. thank God I did not watch it. But, I love the 'ponmagal vanthal' remix, simply superb!

Ghost Particle said...

yep she is jelos of shreya.

Kavila u rool!

Markah kesian konon, wei this one started with -6 the moment Shakela appeared. Sad sad sad days. Vel was much better, MUCH better. Even the movie with that cicak Danush was better....even if I havent watched it yet.

Super remix.

Jeevan said...

My kindly advice is not to watch the visual of Ponmagal vanthal, to spoil the eyes from the scattering frames. Need an actress only for skin then all go for Shriya... I don’t like her.