Thursday, November 22, 2007

Racial slur & the Rally


The news on rally being featured in numerous blogs & online news portals. This post has been highlighted in Newskini as well:

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What you get to see in the national newspapers:

About 200 people gathered outside a hypermarket here yesterday to protest the the assault on a 22-year-old man by two security guards on Friday.
Technician R. Sashindran claimed the guards hit him on the head and body repeatedly with a plastic stool until it broke and then forced him to write a confession that he had shoplifted some items from the hypermarket.

He claimed they then forced him to pay RM30 for the items he allegedly stole.

Sashindran claimed the guards later put several items into his bag and took pictures of him holding the bag before calling the police, who he claimed also assaulted him.

"One hit me on the back with his hand while the other used the butt of his gun."
Sashindran later lodged a police report, claiming he was taken to the Section 11 police station where he was forced to write another confession.

The protesters, who included members of non-governmental organisations, later met representatives from the management, who promised to investigate the claims.

District police chief ACP Noor Azam Jamaludin said police were investigating the case.
Source: NST

What you don't get see in the national newspapers*:

The following is the excerpt of the police report made by one Sashindran a/l Ravichandran,22 who was beaten and insulted by 2 security guards of the Giant store.

On 16 Nov 2007 around 11.20am, I went to Giant in Section 13, Shah Alam to buy some things. After purchasing items for RM23, I put it on the counter to buy another item.

[…] After talking via my handphone, I was reprimanded by two Giant's security guards and brought to their room. There I was assaulted from behind by one of the guard.

The guard kept on assaulting me and forced me to sit down. He erased the kum kum I was wearing and snapped away my chain with a pendant bearing Lord Krishna. Then he took the pendant and put it on my forehead, kicked me from back and said "Now you look like a devil".

He was later made to take pictures holding some items that was planted in his bag. The guards called police who later continued the abuse in the police station.

In the police patrol car, one of the policemen insulted me by saying:
1. “ India keling you apa 08 punya orangkah “ ( I seriously don't know how to translate this one)

2. “ I can let you go, then shot and dump you anywhere"

Then he took my staff ID from my wallet and threw it out of the patrol car though I pledged not to. He said "You definitely going inside the lock up, you will lose your job. so there is no need for the ID. This is Islamic country, why are you here? If you wanna steal, you can go back to India."

*Translated from the excerpt in Mahen's Bolehland.

Now should anyone blame the community if they want to organize a rally condemning these kinda insults on Indians?

A class action on behalf of Malaysian Indians has filed at The Royal Courts of Justice London on 30th August 2007 to sue the UK Government for bringing in Indians as indentured laborers into Malaya & exploiting them for 150 years & thereafter failing to protect the minority Indians rights in The Federal constitution when independence was granted, Hence making Malaysian Indians a permanently colonialized society until today.

A petition with 100,000 signatures to be presented to her Royal Highness the Queen of England to appoint her Majesty's Queen Counsels to represent the poor, underclass, oppressed and suppressed Malaysian Indians would be presented at the British High
Commission as follow:

Date : 25th November 2007 ( Sunday)
Time: 9 am
Venue: British High Commission 185,
Jalan Ampang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur.

Democratic minded citizens of all races are urged to attend and show the British Government we are united & serious with our demands for Justice & protection as subject of Commonwealth

Latest info on the rally can be obtained from Mahen's Bolehland

Photo taken of BERSIH rally calling for fair election in Malaysia - 10.11.07 (Source)


zewt said...

so this rally is for real huh. i heard about it. you guys really got guts. i salute u.

the chinese are easier bought... and some are not bought yet cos they have not met the price.

usws said...

Oh wow, they did that to him just because he was an Indian? OMG, that's.. unspeakable of!

And people wonder why i'm paranoid. Some fine day, i could find myself being assaulted just because i'm Chinese or because they think i look ugly.

Then there's also the framing and planting of false evidence, how would i ever prove myself innocent? After all, they have so much power to change all kinds of things that would make your life miserable. If they wanted to take the trouble to do it lah. Scary!!


Vijay said...

A petition with 100,000 signatures to be presented to her Royal Highness the Queen of England to appoint her Majesty's Queen Counsels to represent the poor, underclass, oppressed and suppressed Malaysian Indians WOULD NOT be presented at the British High Commission on 25 NOV 2007

Ghost Particle said...

I read another part of the news too. It said that the Giant authorities have videos of the guy stealing. And also that the police will be inevstigating the officer for the racial slur.

I hope you know what blogging with responsibility is. Your blog is read by people outside of this country and you have the moral rights for balance reporting. Are we living in Iraq or Afganisthan that we Indians cant walk on the street for the fear of being shot and killed?

Always remember, with great powers come great responsibilities, just that dont misuse the power.

tulipspeaks said...

will post my views on the rally soon.. reserving my comment for now