Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm not one of those who sends at least one social network invite per day to all their contacts. But I always manage two social network accounts at a time. Either friendster - hi5, or friendster - orkut, or friendster - tagged or now.. friendster - facebook. My hi-5 and orkut accounts are officially dead now, and I will be closing down tagged in few days time. Friendster was my very first network site and I don't think I will close it down anytime soon.

But now I see myself hooked to facebook.

facebook copy

First I find it rather troublesome and to certain extent, annonying. What with the vampire bites and poking my eyes??? Man, I was clueless at least for the first two weeks! It was a slow learning process and now I am logging into facebook few times a day :P

Yes, I'm a certified facebook addict! Do you have an account? If yes, join me there and lets start the pillow fight. If no, hmm.. just register an account and spank me, so that I know you are in!


Drama Div@ said...

hahahha.. welkem to the club!!

Jeevan said...

I too have two social networks orkut and facebook. Orkut was not an often communication for me, get two or three people write in a month; in face book I have only one friend. That would be nice to add u in facebook, will do that now.

vivek said...

facebook addict??lol..no wonder i have been receiving many notifications from u:) hehehe

glad to have the sisters in my vampire team:) wuahahahahha..go out and bite them!

vivek said...

oops..onli ur sis is in vampire team..mana you takde??

tulipspeaks said...

@ drama diva

hehehe. got facebook also ah? come, lets pillow fight!

@ jeevan

got ur invite. wait.. will send u a hug. :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ vivek

hehehehe.. i takut vampire la. any other game means okie.



usws (usws.isgreat.org said...

I won't say my Hi5 or Orkut accounts are dead, they're just sleeping.. very soundly. About facebook, i've already got bored of it. In fact, i never really was hooked to it (except for the battling pet app but that's different XD).

I still love Friendster better although they are many bugs it should straighten out. Oh, but facebook has its problems too, like the error message some *important* apps give.

Plus, Friendster makes it easier for searching classmates and colleagues. Facebook doesn't give you the ability to make searches based on a certain characteristic like affiliations etc. Oh, but i like Facebook's photo tagging. That's nice being to see who's who.


p.s. I'm waiting for the next Facebook

Keshi said...

Nice FB account Ammu!

but u know, I hate SN sites...I hate hate hate em LOL!


Itz me!!! said...

I get too hooked on to orkut ..need to try out facebook :-)

Pri said...

lol!! i understand...
been there done tht...and then ultimately got fed up of orkutting....:p wch led to me deleting my account...
now just have one for my blog wch i rarely check...
heard a lot about facebook but am too lazyy to create one now...
neways enjoy it while it(the enthusiasm) lasts... :D

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

college students do not imagine life without facebook here... its serious business :)

Kalyan said...

I have also signed up in Facebook a month before from an invite from my friend, & I must say facebook is really cool. I have added you to my friend list there. Do check it.

tulipspeaks said...

@ usws

wah.. i assume u got facebook for sometime now as u already got bored with it!! :O

agree with ur points on frenster & facebook - thats why i am maintaining them both.. hehehehe.. getting the best of both world!

@ keshi

hehehehe..i know u hate them. but why?


tulipspeaks said...

@ itz me

i find orkut too plain for my taste. :P

@ pri

hehehehe.. come on, create one.. let me send u gifts that practically grow to u in facebook! :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ raaji

guess u have one then? add me! :P

@ kalyan

got ur invite!