Tuesday, December 11, 2007

lets go on a vacation!

Everyone loves to travel. Especially me, I just love the idea of travelling year long! But with a current currency exchange rate, there are two things that will hamper my plans. One, exorbitant flight ticket prices and second, the accommodation rates.

As I have Tony Fernandez to take care of the flight tickets (though I do hope they will fly to exotic locations like Athens and Prague), I will only have to take care of my accommodation. Oh yea, Temple of Olympus, Ancient Agora and Acropolis in Athens will definitely tempt me, but how much would the athens hotels will cost? Greece boasts of island touring and various historical sites but will I have to fork out large sum to stay in the greece hotels? How about spending my entire savings on prague hotels while holidaying there?

A good travel plan will definitely help me to save a lot. Thanks to the Internet, we get to surf about everything from the accommodation to planning the entire vacation.