Sunday, December 16, 2007

She is twenty one!

My sis turned 21 on Friday, 14th Dec and we threw a party for her & her friends the next day. The colour blue rulled the night, and thanks to everyone who turned up in the theme colour.

Now, about 15hours after the party ended, I am stil feeling tired. I think its better for the photos to speak on my behalf :P

13. birthday cake
Piano cake for the birthday girl

15. moments before blowing the candle
Moments before blowing the candles

18. cutting the cake
Cutting the cake

35. frens
With Rames, Mahen and friends

20. anitha & ammu
Oh yea, not to forget our signature shot!

You may find the rest of the birthday photos HERE.
Going back to nap..zzzzz...


zewt said...

happy birthday to her... 21... such a golden age...

AVIANA said...

oh to be 21...

i wish I were 21 but with my few extra years of expertise and mental capacity..


happy birthday to the lil sis!

Jeevan said...

Happy Birthday to Anitha, wish her all the best in life.

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing dear.

Ratu Syura said...

happy birthday to your sis!! 21 is the best age to be in!! LOL! Well, so far for me la.. Haven't tried out 30 or 40 yet! Hehehe

chaitanya said...

Happy Birthday Anita !! Sweet age with key of freedom. Good Luck in your future endevours !

Mohan said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Anitha

tulipspeaks said...

To all,

thanks a lot for the wishes!