Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A feminist?

I believe women deserves to be treated much better than past and present. That is my stand. Be it in the working environment, access to latest technology, family establishment or society in general, I want to see women to be treated as equal to men. No, I would never undermine a man's rights and ego. I know I will never succeed in that. All I want is some sort of recognition to women.

I don't want women to be regarded only as a machine to provide sexual pleasure and to make babies. I don't want women to be treated more or less like a servant. At the same time, I don't believe in queen control, or bimbo act. I hate it in fact. I want to see some sort of balance in responsibilities borne by men and women.

It is not (only) men's fault that some women out there are being exploited. What saddens me is that there are women out there taking advantage of the weaker ones! For example, this news (and also this) where women in some parts of India being 'recruited' as surrogate mothers for a handsome fees. They are 'confined' in a luxuries house, well-taken care of and all they have to do is to hand over the baby to the biological parents immediately after the delivery. They are renting out their womb, and I believe that they have been sort of brainwashed to accept this as a mere transaction. Yes, surrogate pregnancy is not new but doing it as a business??? After all, it is a woman doctor running this so called 'clinic'. Isn't this called exploitation of weaker women?

I may not be Eleanor of Aquitaine who believed in women's superiority over men or
Celia Sánchez who comprise a combat squad during the Cuban revolution or Margaret Hilda Thatcher, the Iron Lady, but I am just being me.

I am hoping for a world that gives equal rights to everyone, a world that is free from sexual harassment, a world where domestic violence doesn't exist. If that means I am a feminist, let it be.


Adlina said...

Wow.. Well said. (I once wrote something similar in my old journal too.) And there's also the issue of glass ceiling when it comes to women at work. And gender stereotyping is even worse. :(

Thanks for a great post. I needed something to get my brain moving.


anits said...

yo good issue babe...
**What saddens me is that there are women out there taking advantage of the weaker ones!
i agree with this..hope women out there knw how to stand up for their own rights

3rdeye said...

If only women know what they deserve - half the battle is won for them. Seeking recognition and making them self recognised in what ever means are two different aspect like asking for the freedom and attaining the freedom. Hope the world could turn around you like voicers.

Taking advantage of poverty stuck woman and brainwashing to rent the womb and a woman of her own willing to rent are two different stand like woman doing a flesh trade by her own interest and being forced to do.

There is no need to be emotional about the business of surrogate pregnancy. But brainwashing the helpless woman and exploiting her poverty to make money by a trader is something not appreciable.

I can either donate my blood or i can sell my blood it is upto me to do it as business or as social service but certainly should not be exploited by a middle man.

Jeevan said...

I also read that news of birth outsourcing, its very bad holding child for business. I agree for the equality in gender.


Very deep topic indeed. First and foremost, the subject of equal rights and sexual harassment in Malaysia lacks political will. A woman is as human as a man and thus, deserves that as equal as a man. So you see, we need to educate women of their rights as a human being first, then as a woman.For this we need political will and funding. We have many Government and non-government bodies such as WAO, NCWO, Sisters in Islam,ERA etc. But the honest truth is, in this country, the leaders don't even respect the Federal Constitution. You think they're gonna be bothered about women's rights and gender biasness and women being exploited to rent their wombs? Try visiting a district hospital like Banting for example. You will see the number of Indian women and girls admitted for Alcoholic liver disease, attempted suicide, domestic violence, teenage pregnancies, etc. Many of them are married only by ritual and not by law and to make things worse many of them don't even have an ic. We need to educate women so that they have a more nuanced understanding of their rights and responsibilities. For this we need political will. Just my 2 cents

Keshi said...

Any man who beats a woman is a coward and should be jailed.

Having said that, any woman who keeps quiet even when she's abused is doing a major crime too...to all women.


tony redgrave said...

Women should stand up for themselves if they've been mistreated or abused.

Their opting for silence & feigning ignorance for the fear of shame or divorce would only make them more gullible.

It's time for them to wake up & realize that they have the equal rights as men have; and to not compromise their rights thinking they are the weaker sex.

Yvonne said...

Much has already been said about equal rights among men and women. But I just wonder, what about culture? Say, watching a Korean drama and FRIENDS. In Summer Scent, the lead actress runs home after realizing a missed appointment with her boyfriend. Upon seeing him, she apologizes profusely. Later she tells her bestfriend that she wants to spend more this with her boyfriend because she has been dissapointing him carelessly.

In FRIENDS, an a similar character would pick up the phone and apologize about the missed appointment and makes up for it another time.

Perhaps an American would say Koreans are an oppressive lot, making women apologize over small things. but that's how they are.

I do not know much about the issue you're talking about here. But I just wonder... were the surrogate moms willing? and why? maybe it is nothing to them.

Yvonne said...

it is said that the issue of human rights is only a game of stronger nations imposing their norms of weaker ones.

Yvonne said...

perhaps what we need is self-esteem

name:vicknes e-name:vickyguy said...

hmmm...its like a Hindi movie story rite?but how many outsourced mum are hot like preity zinta?lolz...i seriously have no idea is it really that wrong because in another way, they are helping the childless parents to have happiness in their life

AVIANA said...

Hey There!

Thanks for passing by! Interesting point here...

My thought is that yes it's about exploiting "weaker" women but I think the issue boils down to exploiting the less fortunate

It comes down to economics/money....

Those with more will exploit those with less...

If the surrogate mother's had enough money to sustain themselves and not worry about money, then they would not go into this "business"

The richer folks will have this advantage.

The economy has to change here....so that these women don't have to accept this "business" as a way of life to survive...

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Hmmm,women have always been and continue to be exploited,in spite of all the hub of Women's Lib et al.It's high time all women who just suffer in silence learn to stand up and say NO whenever injustice is done,no matter how small the issue might be.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

I think there's nothing wrong with being a surrogate mother and those women definitely have been blessed with not only a lot of patience but also a really big heart. And of course to bear all the pain, etc during the course of their pregnancy it sounds sensible that they are paid some reasonable amount in return.
As long as a woman's consent is involved in it and there's no pressure/force from anywhere I don't really find anything wrong with it.
Someone needs it .. and you can give it ... sounds reasonable enough to me rt?

And what you said abt women being treated equal to men ... I would have agreed with you sometime ago but as am experiencing life myself ... an alone woman does feel the need of a man in her life. Not that there's anything she can not do on her own .. but then there are times and situations where you do want someone else to lead ... someone you can really rely on ... and someone you feel is definitely stronger than you ... and that can only be the man you trust.
Yes, discrimination IS wrong! But then howmuchever we demand equal rights, etc ... from heart we all know that we are weaker than them men (coz most of us are emotionally not strong enough).
But then there are times when, as u mentioned, women are regarded as sexual slaves. That is where women need to fight for themselves! But most of the time, they can't! Why? Just because they feel weak from within. This is when they need to change their approach to life ... as long as they don't feel they CAN change the system ... they CAN live their lives independently .. nothing can or will change.
Women feel so dependent on men that they take any shit from them (ie. domestic violence, etc). It will take AGES before anything changes.
Its an irony isn't it? There needs to be a balance .. but the question is ... how??

Yvonne said...

Thanks Aviana for pointing it out. This issue could be explained by class theory and organic solidarity.

tulipspeaks said...

@ adlina

welcome to TS! :)
looks like this is a topic most of us have mentioned in our blogs - either partially or as a full post.

glad that it kept you going, but i do have a slight concern that mere talks in the blogworld won't do much changes.

@ anits

the thing is not many are even aware of their rights - be it human rights or women rights!


tulipspeaks said...

@ 3rdeye

There is no need to be emotional about the business of surrogate pregnancy. But brainwashing the helpless woman and exploiting her poverty to make money by a trader is something not appreciable.

That's exactly my point. I am perfectly alright with surrogate mothers, especially considering that I am from the medical field. However, I do feel it is not ethical to commercialize it, by taking advantage of poor women.

thanks and welcome to TS!

@ jeevan

yeh.. i'm sure u would have heard more in the local news in ur country about it. thanks for sharing the sentiments with me. would u like to update us just in case if there is any latest news about it?


tulipspeaks said...

@ dr saravanan

I believe there are some sort of awareness in this country - but only among the women politician (who are numbered), elites and professional group. Like you mentioned, there is another segment of the population who are deprived of their rights, be it human rights or women rights. WAO, SIS and ERA may not be powerful enough to bring a revolution to these part of country. And looking at the latest political scenario, everyone is so busy watching their back rather than protecting and educating the people. We have a long way to go.

btwn, that was a very good insight into the issue. thanks and welcome to TS!


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

thats right, dear! :)

@ tony

like i mentioned earlier to dr saravanan, i think there 2nd part of the community - the one who are basically not aware of their human/women rights are the one suffering the most. educating them gonna be a tough job.