Sunday, January 27, 2008

for some unknown reason..

... I feel upset today.

no no.. it's not upset.. may be angry?
or is it depression?
no, not depression.. confusion?

it's like you are missing something
or forgotten about something?
or uneasy about something?

weird feeling that I have no clue about.

damn.. what is this thing?


Ghost Particle said...

depression la wat else....go eat a tub of icecream... all will b ok.

anits said...

dun wory u will go thru this soon! web design dasyat ah iruke moi! ;)

Known Stranger said...

nothing you are missing - you are spending time with yourself and i know you will enjoy it at the end to feel better to know something about you

Jeevan said...

Sleep or concern on some other that interest u, to have a change from the mood.

curryegg said...

Hello girl...
How are you?
Hope that everything is fine there.. You can chat with me if you feel so... ;)

Keshi said...

Its called the BLUES. And Keshi always gets em.

HUGS! Go out, catch a movie or play with the helps.


usws said...

Yea, i feel that all the time. I think. Not sure what i'm feeling either, something just feels wrong for some reason. Like you're expecting something to go wrong. Uhh, i usually have that feeling in school especially in a certain teacher's class. Feel all heavy and worried for no apparent reason.

But the feeling's good sometimes. Much more real than the usual mundane feelings we feel. Of course, i wouldn't mind just being happy and cheery but if those aren't there, then this will do.


p.s. LOL, i talk too much.

tulipspeaks said...

@ gp

no la.. it was not depression. athe vere mathiri irunthuchi.

but the ice cream worked... :P

@ anits

hehehe.. etho nambenaale mudinjathe.


tulipspeaks said...

@ known stranger

:) thanks for the comment and the time u spent for me in YM.

@ jeevan



tulipspeaks said...

@ curryegg

thank u so much for the offer. not easy to find a fren who is also a good listener. guess i can count on you too.. :)

@ keshi

hehehehe.. athuvum seri thaan.


tulipspeaks said...

@ usws

something just feels wrong for some reason. Like you're expecting something to go wrong.

that's right!!! exactly how u feel.

hehehe.. u r not talking too much la. wait till u c me in person n watch me talking! :P