Monday, January 14, 2008

MIndsblog - Ponggal Special!

My Thai Ponggal wishes to everyone celebrating it. Too bad I will be celebrating it at my office :( Yeah, I'm working tomorrow. Damn, should have taken off! *sigh

Anyway, just had time to work on 2 wallpapers - one is here and another one in the MIndsblog. Just a small introduction to the MIndsblog, a weblog especially dedicated to Malaysian Indians. Derived from the words Malaysian (M), Indian's (Inds) and Blog (Blog), the MIndsblog started off with a mission to gather all Malaysian Indian Bloggers (MIB) in a common platform. Beside creating a platform for all of us to mingle around, and contribute to the progress and well-being of our community at large in the future.

So, who are we? We are a group of Malaysian Indian Bloggers (MIB) who wanted to start this blog ever since we organized Bloggers Buff 2007! That was like 4 months ago and now finally the plan has materialized. Pheww…! The MIndsblog team members are:

MIndsblog Team!

BMahendran - His name says it all! He blogs in Bolehland.

Puvanan - Our young engineer (wink wink) from JB! He blogs in The Blank Page.

Saravanan - He is the one providing technical support for MIndsblog. Thanks a lot Sara! He blogs in

Raaja -Hails from the Penang. The initiator of this whole idea of creating one platform for MIBs. He blogs in Raajarox.

Praveen - The jewel of MIndsblog. A busy blogger from Kuala Lumpur. She blogs in The Dissected Mind.

Rames -The designer of MIndsblog. An avid photographer as well. You may find his designs and photos in RamesStudio.

and yours truly.

Would like to join us? There are only two rules if you would like to contribute to MIndsblog. One - you have to be a Malaysian Indian and two - you have to write a post on any category (refer to categories in MIndsblog) in relevance to Malaysian Indians. That’s all. Simple isn’t it? Just e-mail us ( or if you would like to contribute to MIndsblog. We will do the rest!

Now, before I forget, here is the wallpaper as promised:


Download: 1024*768


Keshi said...

Happy Pongal Ammu! HUGGGGGGGZ!

Lovely team pic there...very nice! Gotta check all ur friends out..tnxx for the links babez!


Kesh said...

Waa Wallpaper rombe alega ireke

anits said...

hi ammu pongal impressed with the wallpaper....tcare

usws said...

No holiday? Darn.. XD

Oh wow, you started a community of your own? Cool!


Mohan said...

Hey ammu, Happy Maatu ponngal

starry nights said...

Happy Pongal to you.I love the wall paper.

Mal said...

hi ammu!

i have written in to join the club. hopefully i get the grant. happy pongal 2 u!


Drama Div@ said...

Wish you a happy pongal.. ^_^

Jeevan said...

Hope you have a wonderful pongal, and my wishes to this team mates. lovely wall paper ammu :)