Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mob molestation - where is our dignity?

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Okie, it has been exactly 24 days since the incident happen, and some of you may find this post like an old newspaper now. I am sure some of the bloggers have highlighted this. To those who have no idea what I am talking about (especially to my country people), here is a bit of the news:

The shocking pictures of two young women being molested by a mob of 70 to 80 men at Mumbai's Juhu area in the early hours of New Year's Day, has ashamed the city.

The women, one in a black dress and the other in a jeans and top emerged from the JW Marriott with two male friends around 1:45 am, and began walking towards Juhu beach close by.

A mob of about 40 got after them and began teasing the women when one of the women swore loudly at the hooligans. But the mob, now 70-80 strong, wouldn't let go.

They trapped the women near a vehicle and a tree, and pounced on them. A man in a white shirt tore off the black dress. Another, in a blue shirt, led the assault.

As the women fell on the ground, dozens of men jumped on them.

More news here: NDTV , Zeenews

70-80 men vs 2 women + 1 man? Doesn't sound like a fair fight to me! I can't bring myself to publish the photos of the assault that was taken by reporters who were at the scene. Just gp to the news link I gave and see it yourself.

To add insult to the injury, the Police Commissioner only has this to say?

While the entire nation saw with horror pictures of the incident in a national daily, the Mumbai Police Commissioner D N Jadhav said, “Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Keep your wives at home if you want them safe. These kind of small things can happen anywhere”

I had the link to the video interview with the Commissioner where he state this to the media. Damn.. couldn't find it now!

"Wise" people's advice are meant to headed. So, girls.. stay home after this. No roaming in streets even with your hubby. No working. Screw women's contribution to the economy, our safety comes first. Or how about chastity belt for women (and girls) whenever they have to go out? We are going centuries back - we were 'safe' then!!!

Probably these were in his mind when he gave the interview.


Keshi said...

I felt so very sad and freaked out reading this! Ammu did this REALLY happen? OMG!! I cant even believe it.

**“Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Keep your wives at home if you want them safe. These kind of small things can happen anywhere”

Im sorry to say but such a statement can only come from an 'Indian' Policeman! WE SHOULD BE ASHAMED.

These kinda things happen all over the world, but no law-enforcement dude wud ever say such a horrible, selfish, idiotic statement as this guy did! SMALL things? Wuts small is his brain, dick and conscience! Pardon my language Im VERY ANGRY rite now.

btw Ammu I dun mean u should visit my posts everyday :) I was just missin ya..thats all. TC n HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


Anonymous said...

not only indian police but most of so called mens come out with such statement.. at the end all blame goes back to gal. they will start with our clothing style.

CJane said...


Stories (news) like this spoils my mood. :-(

Jeevan said...

It’s a cruelty that never should happen. The Commissioner words are idiotic.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

this issue formed my 1st post of the year ... what a way to start the new year

tc .. swt hrt ... we live in a horrid world !

whAt A LiFe said...

This is really upsetting!!!

starry nights said...

I was really sad to hear about this incident and am really ashamed that this is happenning in the 21st century.

name:vicknes e-name:vickyguy said...

just to add on sumthg abt that incident...
the victims was molested by 80 animals brutally till they bleed and their dresses are torn. the best part is,tamil daily there didnt even censor the pic they published and its so exposing their upper abdomen with torn of the victim is a newly married a day ago.imgn hw the hubby would have felt and hw she wud have felt?the hubby was there bt he aint not superman to fight all 80 man...i believe dat gals would have gone tru mental trauma....damn barbarians....INDIA is the pioneer in civilization but their civilized mentality are still at the infant stage...sad to say,india is full of barbarians!!!

Seal in Astral said...

Or how about chastity belt for women (and girls) whenever they have to go out? - This does not mean it will be safe....they will try to cut it that will eventually injure them.

We are going centuries back - we were 'safe' then!!! It was the people that made the time safe...not can do anything