Tuesday, January 01, 2008

my wishes for 2008

I know I have stopped wishing some time ago. I never had any resolutions/wishes before but this year I have not one but 10 of them! I want a change a now. Possibly a change I have been longing for; a change that will startle any people; a change that will definitely change me!

Okie okie.. don't get confuse. Let's get down to short list of my wishes for the brand new year:


4 months already since we got robbed in broad day light and there is still no news about the bloody robbers! My #1 wish for the year 2008 is for them to get caught - dead or alive!

Been a year since I started planning to change my car. This year, I wish that plan will materialize.

For 4 years, I have been sporting a straight rebonded hair. Guess it is time for a change. How about long locks with sexy curls? ;)

I am not crazy about the latest gadgets that hit our market. It's just that my phone is getting old, and I have started to feel ..well... a little embarrassed showing it to anyone now. And I want a simple mp3 player - just to accompany me when I go for jogging/walking.

lose weight
I need to shed 15 kg to be back to a healthy weight! I don't know how I am going to push myself to do it, but I have to.. somehow!

I don't care where.. but I just wanna get the feel of going to another country. Of course, going to the place in the postcard will be what I really want :P

new boyfren
The last 3 years have been wasted. Don't wanna waste another precious year in my life for anyone now. I better start looking for a bf now! Any volunteers eh? ;)

I will be resigning my job very soon. It's a important decision which I really have to take in order to fullfill my life-long ambition. Pray for me, okie?

I will be launching a new blog on shopping every soon. Every girls' dream blog!

new self
I want my life back... promise it will be all new!

Every year will start with a bang, u know the usual countdown parties and fireworks. But this year started quietly. Just me with my darling. Praying that a different start will give me a different perspective for a new year!

Happy New Year to all!


v I v E k said...

Hey i can volunteer myself to be the bf..janji i dapat kereta baru yang u beli:p

Happy new Year, ammu AUNTY!!!

Drama Div@ said...

Happy new year...I wish you some cool stuffs in year 2008 and all the good!

Hoping to see a lot of great stuff again from you this year!!

Ghost Particle said...

Happy New Year.

kaylee said...


Mohan said...

Hey may all the wishes come true ^_^

Keshi said...

Some good resolutions there Ammu. I wish u all the best in em!

aww u wanna come to Syd? HUGGGGGGGGZ!



Ratu Syura said...

Happy 2008 Ammu! I do hope this year turns out better than the last for you! May all your dreams come true!! XOXO!! :D

KaV said...

you are what you make of urslf!

u go girl!!! grab life by the neck of it!!!

Seal in Astral said...

Bless you for the new year(s) and bless you for your wishes ..specially for the 5th, 7th and 8th wish. For the first wish ...be happy that it was actually an evidence that GOD was with you.

tony redgrave said...

those are some good resolutions, but don't we always not achieve them?

hahahahaha.... just kidding, my wish to is that u get to accomplish all ur resolutions, especially with ur new job.

believe me, kav has a bigger problem with weight than u have.

happy 2008!!

chaitanya said...

Congrats for the new wishes and I wish you luck so that all your wishes become true... U have taken brave move to quit your job. So good luck. I still need to wait for another 5 years for my Ph.D.

venus66 said...

Hi dear, how are you? Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true. Take care. God Bless.

usws said...

Wow, you sure thought out your New Year resolutions quite thoroughly. I cheated and listed only one - "Get a life". So vague yet so prone to fail this one.

I thought you already bought a new BF? Haha, i wouldn't mind a new GF either. I mean, my first one. Lol..

Uhh, travelling! I wanna do that too. Never been out of the country before, i wouldn't even mind Singapore or Thailand. Somewhere close-by to start with.

Lol, i think i'm gonna "Uhh" for each and every of one your resolutions. PhD? Cool! I haven't even got through with my foundation and i want one of those already. Hmm, but even as it is, i can't tahan what i'm learning at the moment.

Oh wait, which darling is this? Darn, i'm confused! By the way, i wasted my New Year and New Year's eve. Horrible i tell you, slept through it and i only have myself to blame! Stupid sleep-because-i'm- depressed tendencies. At least i didn't eat THEN sleep.



Jeevan said...

I pray all your wishes comes alive dear. hope the robbers would be punished for there act.

we were also be looking for a family car this year, hope we get a nice one.

Karthik said...

Oh my, ammu...you are truly inspiring, specially with this post! Though I've added you in msn, to date, we still haven't communicated online. Gosh, you're really busy uh!

Anyways, ammu, I wish you whole heartedly, a very happy new year and all the best!

And the place you have in your mind, if you start off with that, then you would go crazy! Travelling is one of the most sweetest thing to do, but travelling to Melbourne? That has alot more recipe to it which makes you love travelling..!

Good luck with your car too! I'm supposed to have changed my car last yr, but hopefully, it materializes this year, and we both can celebrate it, can't we? :)

And a BF? Ahh...I hate to go to that one. Donnntt...tiddaakk..be single! :p For now..hahaha...

Well tulips, I have also added your blog ad in my blog, Kartzworld.com, and I hope you do check it out..It's part of my New Years resolution, just like your shopping blog!

See, we have lots in common, and yet, we haven't communicated to this date...depressing!!!

Much love,

P.S PhD? I wanna know more about that... =)

Karthik said...


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Cool resolutions. I hope you stick to them :)
Happy New Year!