Sunday, February 24, 2008

Election in and around Puchong

For the benefit of my readers / blogmates from overseas,

Malaysia will be seeing her 12th general election on 8th of March 2008, and the nomination day for all the candidates were held today. At the national level, voters elect the 222-member House of Representatives (Malay: Dewan Rakyat, literally "Hall of the People") of the bicameral Parliament. Members are elected from single-member constituencies drawn based on population and the party that has the majority of the House of Representatives will form the federal government. At the state level, voters elect representatives to the Dewan Undangan Negeri (State Legislative Assembly). The number of representatives varies between the different states.
You may want to read more in the Wikipedia entry on
elections in Malaysia.

For 50 years (since Independence), Malaysia has been ruled by Barisan Nasional (BN) which was formerly known as Parti Perikatan (Alliance). BN is not a political party by its own, but a collation formed by a long list of member parties. The opposition, on the other hand, made of few other parties such as DAP, PAS and PKR.

You may find few General Election related articles in tulipspeaks from now on. Hopefully it would be a learning experience for everyone, especially those in other countries.

This would be one of the best General Election (GE), my constituent (Puchong) have ever seen. Gobin Singh Deo, son of the mighty Karpal Singh is contesting for Puchong parliamentary seat, while Teresa Kok, the woman who has won my admiration is contesting for Kinrara state seat!

Oh my my.. This would a great battle between the ruling party (ahem.. what else if not BN) and DAP. I think the last strong candidate from DAP stood (and won) in Puchong was V.David. And now its time for another strong MP and state assemblyman to represent this constituent. The issues in Puchong are endless, and I will talk more about it in coming post.


BobbyT said...

Nice, near my place. But too bad, won't be electing this time, did not register...

CJane said...

Heh. I see "them" everywhere. Radio, TV.. on the streets. :P

Oh, you're in Puchong? Nearby to my brother's place must be.

Keshi said...

hey Ammu :) na I didnt get any email from u.



AVIANA said...

hey there..

so nice to hear from you! haven't heard from you in awhile...

yes i did my little bit on US politics on my blog...looks like politics is alive all over right now....

have a nice beginning of the week...

Keshi said...

cometo my blog to check out my famousness Ammu LOL!


di.di said...

i've registered long-long time ago i never vote for election in my entire life yet.. i will this year... i think if we want something better, don't be afraid to try something new..

Jeevan said...

i just know about the election announcement in Malaysia through news papers here, but i am unaware about it... lets know from u onwards.

Seal in Astral said...

bobby ..malu la to say you did not register. Go and register no for the next election!!!!

I was too happy when I see GS Deo at puchong and Teresa Kok. I m from Puchong too. But I have not transfer my location to Puchong from Cheras (now I regret after seeing this 2 names) I should be here to vote for them. The BN fellow chicken out when was called for a meeting where UMNO put up illegal cabins in Puchong. And eventually MPSJ gave excuses and then gave TOL and now they have 2 cabins with mini football field ...Guys it is time to make BN work for the people ... VOTE for DAP deny 2/3 for Barisan

tulipspeaks said...

@ bobbyt

near ur place? *starting think whr it could be.. :P

i register n voted in the 2004 election itself. this would be my 2nd time ;)

@ cjane

oh dear.. tell me about it! i'm saturated with BN's ads now!!

yes, i'm born here.


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

i have send another one. got it now? :S

@ aviana

oh yea. been so occupied since new year *sigh. i need rest :|

yea looks like it. looking fwd 8th March.. the poling day here.


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

hehehehe.. yea i saw and commented too.

*busy trying to 'mag' own photos :P

@ di.di

:) great to know u r voting now. hope many more will exercise their rights coming 8th March!


tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

:) will try to update from time to time.

@ seal in astral

its okie. u can still vote for opp in Cheras. :P

looks like u got fair updates of election campaigns in Puchong too! Kudoos!