Friday, February 29, 2008

You want my vote?

You played mockery of my largest festival by holding your general assembly on the day.

You feel we can 'go back to our country of origin' if we don't agree with you.

You have (had) sexist member of parliaments.

You call others racist when you should be saying that looking at the mirror.

You demolished my temples.

You 'subsidized' few of my schools and left most at the mercy of dilapidated wooden wall.

You denied my people the seats in the public university citing meritocracy, but gave lukewarm answer when asked what is meritocracy when there is two modes of entrance exams.

You gave excuse when the universities failed to make impact at the world ranking.

You attacked me and my blogging community at every instance.

You tried to get the bloggers' database for being transparent and writing the truth.

You conquered the mainstream media, blinding every citizen's right to fair media.

You placed funny advertisements in the newspapers.

You think Internet should be censored and monitored.

You advertised in the Yahoo despite 'hating' the Internet community.

You make use of the draconian law whenever you can't handle the situation anymore.

You enforced a 'half-boiled' law to imprison a poor doctor, but turned blind eye to bogus doctors.

You have a lawyer accused of brokering the appointment of the judges.

You have a woman blown up into pieces using C4 which is only available to the Defense.

You have a missing 5-year old girl whom you are unable to locate for almost 2 months.

You even had a dead girl in a sports bag and still have no idea about her killer(s).

And now you want my vote?


Today no movie/album song for Nostalgic Friday. But I got something special from RaajaRox for everyone:


Sree said...

Well said! :)

Seal in Astral said...

Le me publish this in my blog too

anits said...

enne pechi enne pechi... ;)

Andre R said...

You know... somehow I enjoyed your post. Point-blank, straight to the point! Thanks, it was such a sigh of relief.

KaV said...

the lamentings of a deprived nation... cant be more true

tulipspeaks said...

@ seal in astral

thanks! u r most welcome to reproduce it.

@ anits

ellam appadi thaan! :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ andre

thanks! :)

@ kav



Hamzah said...

thank you for making it clear as to the need for change!

go Gobind! go PKR!

tulipspeaks said...