Sunday, March 02, 2008

Austrian Crystal Rhinestone Earrings - for sale now!

Guess I am a bit crazy about rhinestones! I keep requesting for jewelery made of rhinestones for Shopping Paradise. Can't help it, they are too pretty.

This time, I got 10 pieces of beautiful and stunning earrings made of high quality Austrian Crystal Rhinestones. They come in different lengths, colors, sizes, metals and designs. Simply amazing, especially in the night. They would compliment any outfit. I'm thinking to keep some myself! Hehehehe.. You better get hold of them before I decide to do so :P

Some of the designs:




Check out for more in Shopping Paradise.

I have decided to do overseas shipping (worldwide) as well. So hurry up!


Sree said...

They are so beautiful...luv the butterfly one !!!

Keshi said...

btw plz check out my today's post :)