Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Celebrating men

Now all the hype is settling in. BN and the people are slowly (but surely) accepting the fact that 5 states are now going to be ruled by DAP-PKR-PAS. They have promised, we have spoken, and now its time to sit back and watch.

March 8 was not only historic in that sense. It was International Women's Day, and couple of my friends did send me smses wishing me for the day. Thank you guys and sorry I didn't get to reply - was focusing too much on the election :P

I hope it is still not too late for a post on the day. Last year I have highlighted beautiful women bloggers I have known in the blogworld. This time, I don't think I am going to pinpoint anyone, or slam the male species. See.. I'm being a good gal.

My heart goes to the men this time. I know, the sub-species of male chauvinists, abusers and blah blah blah... are slowly going to extinct. It may take some time before we could celebrate the extinction of such dangerous creatures. but we are getting there. There are men who walk by their women, not in front trying to take control. There are men who remember the birthdays, anniversary dates etc. There are men who help around with the housework. There are men who hold the lift doors for the ladies. There are men who are simply amazing , beyond description. It is possible for us, the women to keep on progressing with the encouragement given by these men. And this year, the celebration should be dedicated to such men.

Thank you, guys.


priya said...

That was so sweet of you.

tulipspeaks said...

thanks priya. they do deserve it :)


puvanan said...

Happy belated International Women's Day :) I am glad you ppl manage to kick some of the rude sexist MPs out of parliament :D


YennaMike said...

Thanks Tulipspeaks - there are many out there and they all are Special in their own ways...No body can be perfect but their intentions CAN...!!!

Jeevan said...

Beautiful ammu! dedicating the post to good mens.