Sunday, March 23, 2008

how a blogger should look like?

For the past one week I was in a war with my router. Seriously my (ex-)router hates me. I can't think of any other reason why it refused to get connected to my laptop, but willingly allowed itself to be connected to my sister's laptop and my brother's pc. My laptop, after being jilted by the router, refused to connect to that particular router but accepted connection from any other router. :|

After trying my best to get things right (and failed), I decided to take both my laptop and the router to the computer service shop. *sigh. To my dismay, even the Chinese guy there was clueless about it. We tried everything we could, even reformatted my laptop in the process (ggrrrr.. lost substantial number of files there, but that's another story for another day). Finally I got myself a new router, and it worked!!

The guy asked me to check the connection right there, and can anyone guess which site I went first? :P My bloggie - definitely. And the guy was dumbstruck when he saw me publishing the comments here.

The guy(pointing at tulipspeaks): Ini u punya ke? [Is that yours?]
Me: Ya la. [Yes]

The guy: U blog pasal apa? [What do you blog about?]
Me: Apa-apa pun boleh. [Anything goes ;)]

The guy: Politik adakah? [Politics?]
Me: Kadang-kadang adalah. [Sometimes]

The guy (with eyes wide open): Betulkah? [Is it true?]
Me: Betul la. [True]

The guy: U tak nampak macam blogger la! [You don't look like a blogger!]
Me: Hahahahaha.. yea ka? [Is it?]

I never took my eyes off the laptop screen during the entire conversation :P

We just experienced a 'blogging boom' in Malaysia, especially since late 2007 and during the election, bloggers paid an important role in influencing the voters' sentiment. At the same time, we do have people blogging for fun - the reason I believe why most of us blog. Least I expected sociopolitical bloggers to be stereotyped to 'look' like Jeff Ooi or Marina Mahathir. And not all fun bloggers look like Kenny Sia, XiaXue or NicoleKiss. I don't think a blogger's physical appearance got anything to do with stuff that they write online. And I am still thinking what is wrong with my physical appearance and articles I write online. Maybe I still look like a school girl, I don't know *sighhhhh...

Some bloggers have no qualm about revealing their real self online. Even sometimes I think my bloggie is overloaded with my photos :P. But some prefer to just be anonymous and stick to a nickname instead of revealing their name or photo. I'm sure each of us has at least one or two such blogmate/blog reader, and if you do:

  1. Have you ever wondered how they looked in real life?

  2. Or do you actually create an imaginary figure of them whenever you come across their blog or whenever you see their nick?

  3. Do you attempt to get to know them in real? eg. asking for their photo or starting e-mail conversation?


3POINT8 said...

Yea...Sometimes it makes me wonder who is the person behind the blog. Where are they from, how old are they and basic questions like that.

Lucky for me, most of them are actually nice people when I PM them. So yea, i guess there was a conversation going between me and some of the bloggers out there.

KaV said...

so did u ask the computer guy what is the recommended look for a blogger?

vhanded said...

Since everyone can write blog, then blogger shouldn't have a fix appearance lo. I do include my photos in my blog, so no problem for my physical appearance~ It's up to them to guess what kind of people I am.

Ghost Particle said...

sigh...he must be reading kennysia lately.

if everyone thinks bloggers shuld b like kenny, xiawaterver her name an the other one, so we can safely assume that all blog readers are 16 yer old wet behind the ear donkeys. there i said it. immature...reminds me of friendster...hmmm...

bmahendran said...

aish..ape la tat fella :p

erm..neway i try NOT to publish my pics in my blog, don't want the unwanted attention..but wat to do..sum other ppl publish my pics dy :p

Killer Blogger said... bloggers have casual wear? or have to wear necktie when blogging? haha..but i think, every bloggers should have pictures of them..that's all. we have no rules of what we should wear, right?

Shiva said...

Sometimes, they behave in a wierd way. Glad u have a new one. The conversation was funny.

Ghost Particle said...

mahen...famous means famous la...u got no choice. so wat you do is go to a studio, get a nice pic, with the shades also, and then post it big...and i mean BIG. now that pkr in selangor, you think the billboards will become cheaper ah? :p