Sunday, March 09, 2008


For the first time in Malaysian history....

Barisan Nasional denied 2/3 majority in the Parliament

The opposition took control of five states

A blogger sent to Parliament (is it the first in the world as well? :P)

Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) shown exit at all but 3 Parliament
seats (and couple of state seats) it contested

President of two member parties of Barisan Nasional lost in a general election

Parliament is gonna be lively and full of action

The rakyat showed PEOPLE'S POWER!!

Can't help but to celebrate with this song:

Now, you know who is the BOSS???


Sree said...

Definitely a "TSUNAMI"!!!

A great choice of song to celebrate!!! :D

tulipspeaks said...

@ sree

thanks!! :)


priya said...

Happy Womens day Ammu.

v I v E k said...

Yippie!!!! I love the feeling!! Its like rain washed away the smelly stench..kekekeke

Keshi said...

the boss? me. LOL!

Hey Ammu I need ur input in my today's post.


yashobby said...

makkal sakti valga

Jeevan said...

Appadi podu... same like the song.

AVIANA said...

Congratulations! Hopefully our voice will be heard in 2008 US elections...

We want OBAMA!!!!


di.di said...

but i kinda expect the such results already.. Let's see what they can do for us...