Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mindsblog's Gathering 15.03.08

15.03.08 was our very first gathering for MINDSBLOG. Our real idea was to have a small party celebrating the victory of Barisan Rakyat :P, but somehow the idea got evolved and turned out to be a gathering of admin, authors and readers of MINDSBLOG. That would explain the short notice. Nevertheless, I thank everyone who attended the event.

First to be in Naga's were Mahen and Raaja. Oh yea, don't miss Mahen with his new look (without mustache) - he really shocked Praveen and me. We were just catching up with some stuff when Raj showed up. Then, Mathavan (blog reader), Saravanan, Puvanan and Kavilan showed up. Praveen was late, and I still feel we didn't bully her enough (as a punishment). Ponnu escape! Then another two blog readers joined us. JD joined us up a bit later - after the lunch.

MINDSBLOG - Gathering

It was already 1.30pm when we started with our lunch. Most of us took chicken briyani rice, some took mixed rice but some just refused to give in to the temptation, and just stick with their drinks.

MINDSBLOG - Gathering

Okie, it was not all about food - just in case if you are wondering. The food was just the first part of the gathering :P. We discussed about MINDSBLOG's future plan, and I was delighted that everyone had something to share. Seriously in real, you guys are as good as behind those blogs.

I'm not very sure if I am actually allowed to post the entire discussion here, suffice to say that we have decided on:
  • opening up the registration for subcribers/members of MINDSBLOG
  • new terms to qualify as an author of MINDSBLOG
  • creating a customized t-shirt for MINDSBLOG
  • an ambitious large-scale charity project
The idea of creating MINDSBLOG was not just to bring Malaysian Indian Bloggers (MIB) closer, but also to give back something to our community. Behind all that fun and laughter, we want to show we are a group of serious young adults who are capable as well.

MINDSBLOG - Gathering

Thanks again guys, and to those who missed this first gathering, make sure you guys spare sometime for the next one.


JD said...

Hi Amutha. I was very happy and inspired to see young intellectual Malaysian Indians wanting to make a difference in the community.No matter how small the effort can be, to start something is better then not beginning at all.If there is anything that i can assist just let me know.

Kathiroly Raj said...

I got to say, the food looks so delicious... yummy...

diyadear said...

wow looks like a yummy feast!!!! lovely gathering!!

bmahendran said...


Solitaire said...

hey..this is such a great idea..i recently read a post about a blog meet in pune as well!!

Princess said...

hi amma,

was that u who wrote a comment from lovelylass.wordpress.com????

the pictures are nice.. I am sure the meeting was also nice.. great initiation.. All the best..

much luv,

Jeevan said...

wow.. good to see the gathered bloggers for the wonderful time u spent with them. glad you enjoyed ammu.

Keshi said...

All of u look GREAT! How wonderful it is to meet this way...and teh FOOD omg YUMMALICIOUS!!!

Ammu is Ghosty there too?


cindy said...

Hello Ammu.

Wow, those pictures look yummy! I wish I could eat them! lol

tulipspeaks said...

@ jd

nice meeting u too! :)
we definitely will keep in touch.

@ kathiroly raj

hahaha.. the look was great, taste was okie.


tulipspeaks said...

@ diya

yes it was. thanks!

@ mahen



tulipspeaks said...

@ solitare

:) thanks!
and welcome to TS!

@ princess

hahaha.. tht was a slight mistake. ignore that msg okie?



tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

thanks jeevan. yes i had good time :)

@ keshi

hehehe. nope!


tulipspeaks said...

@ cindy

hehehee.. wanna join us the next time?


venus66 said...

Congratulations! Keep it up. God Bless.