Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bloggers going places!

Thanks for the wishes, I'm getting much better except for this nagging headache. Anyway, hope I will get enough rest over the weekend. I'm coming to your blogs soon. Hang on there! :)

Back to the topic, I think now its the high time for bloggers in Malaysia. We are going places! First, 'somebody' underestimated the power of blogworld. That caused them dearly. We even manage to send a blogger to the Parliament, mind you. One blogger is currently taking part in Malaysia's Dreamgirl search - a reality show looking for a model (ala Next Top Model) which is being aired online. Yesterday I was faithfully going through Kenny Sia's blog and found out he has listed as one of Malaysia's 50 eligible bachelors (CLEO). Not bad..! Besides prominent opposition politicians blogging in the cyberworld, we now has a former MB joining the bandwagon as well. Now, that's a news!! :P

Right now I'm thinking what else could be in store for us. What are we going to achieve next? What is in store for us, the bloggers? And most important of it, till when we are going to make an impact in this country?

I know I know.. may be no point pondering over things which are beyond our control. But no harm in postulating isn't it?

I do have some blogmates from overseas here. Would appreciate if some of you guys could share the blogging culture in your respective country. Is it still a new culture? Are bloggers making such impact? What future holds for blogging in your place?


bmahendran said...

hope they will stay as hbloggers watever comes n goes!!! :D hehehe

Keshi said...

ur so busy with Malaysian bloggers ha...cook Ammu!



Solitaire said...

I have no idea what's going on in the US. My friend once told me, "blogging is for losers."

tulipspeaks said...

@ mahen

hehehehe.. they will if that is what they really want from bottom of their heart.

@ keshi

hahahaha.. always hv time for u dearie.


tulipspeaks said...

@ solitaire

aik.. why???
Malaysia is among the highest rank country in the world in terms of numbers of bloggers!!